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Teens & Bedtimes

Does your young teenage daughter have a bedtime?  Should young teenage girls have bedtimes still?
First let me explain “young teenage daughter”.  By young, I am referring to the ages 13-15. 110 more words

Why mothers need dogs

I am amazed by the number of people who have, or are planning to have, children but tell me that they cannot imagine the ‘inconvenience’ of owning a dog.  774 more words

Life Lessons

My normal

Sometimes life throws us in different directions, sets us on a path we never even considered taking. For me the game changer  was Sophie, my precious little girl, born with Cri du Chat Syndrome. 705 more words

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THAT Birthday Hypocrite

Today Mr. Cheeks is 9 months old… which means that in just 3 months we will be celebrating his 1st birthday.

As I am sure some of you can relate – before Cheeks.. 401 more words


XXY Super Mom: Klinefelters Syndrome Support Groups

If you read my opening post about Mr. Cheeks being diagnosed with Klinefelters Syndrome, you may remember when I mentioned zero information being listed on the internet and I turned to facebook support groups. 1,026 more words


Why I pulled the plug

I recently decided to deactivate my Facebook page and I was immediately bombarded with messages from friends and connections wondering why? Well, there are several reasons I decided I needed to unplug. 743 more words

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Making my dream come true!

This has been some year for me, I have truly found myself and allowed myself the freedom to truly accept what direction I wanted to take my life in. 590 more words

Charity's Blog Posts