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Kathleens 411 :-)

Family, Nature, Walks on the Beach, Dancing in the Rain, Sippin Hot Tea on a Chilly Snowy day (hence why I must arrive in Spokane today for this to become reality!), Spirituality, Holistic Healing, Laughing, Loving, Romance (Major Die Hard Romantic!), Helping others to be happy and healthy, UnStress (If you know me, you know Stress and I don’t like each other!), Non-Horror films BECAUSE Horror films give Crazies too many ideas!, Action/Adventure is great but crazy people going around killing people is so NOT my idea of entertainment.. 127 more words

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Depth of Eye and Mind

This weeks photo challenge, Depth. My mind only can focus on one thing at a time yet, I can see there are blurs of shapes around that may need my attention.   52 more words

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Is it a bathroom or a pool???

Contrary to what I have been thinking, our bathroom actually doubles as a pool!

How? why?

Well, I have just last night come to the conclusion that our bathroom MUST double as a POOL! 153 more words

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XXY Super Cheeks: Development Update

First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of you out there who has shared my blog onto forums! This is really exciting for me and warms my heart to know that people are actually paying attention! 363 more words

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Let's Be a Pirate!!!! | Vlog Day

Today Nina get’s mail and I have my handful yet again!

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My Kids Reaction to Surprise Disney World Trip

Today I will show you a clip of last night when we surprised our daughters with a trip. :) Enjoy and Happy Thoughts!

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Skinny Up Sunday

Today I weighed 182.8 pounds and measured 37 inches around the belly. My total losses since December 28th 2014 is 158 more words

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