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Sit, Stay & No Barking: How To Have A Real Conversation With Your Kids

What it looks like when we sit and stay

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My plan was to make a video of me conversing with my daughter, pair the video with a written blog post, and use the content to gloat about how accomplished my offspring are.  559 more words

Lauren Mattia Levine

It's Okay You're Not a Mom

I read a lot of parenting posts and blogs now that I’m of an age at which friends and relatives are married and popping out miniature versions of themselves. 1,374 more words


She's a REAL girl!

Today Sanrio announced that despite our assumptions for the last 30+ years, ‘Hello Kitty’ is NOT a cat.

No, they say. She is a perpetual third grade girl named Kitty White who lives just outside of London. 801 more words


Heart Melt Monsters

You get those moments as a mom when you look at your child and think, ‘man…. I created you!’ Then your heart melts and your lips start quivering and your eyes begin to tear up… And it’s all over folks! Heart melt monsters.

Mom Blogs

I want attention. Don't look at me.

Somewhere recently – and I can’t remember where – I read a quote about how the moment everyone finds their voice, there will be no one left to listen.   445 more words


Add Kids Subtract Adults Watch Growth

Kids At Skate Park

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As I type, my computer sits on scraps of shaped construction paper and sticker-eye balls spread about in disarray on our dining room table.  745 more words

Lauren Mattia Levine

K's Parenting Corner: You Know You're A Mom When...

There is just something about being a mom (or dad)! There are moments that you have with your child that no one else would understand. Moments that you want to cherish forever and then there are the moments that you just have laugh. 248 more words