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Kids At Skate Park

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As I type, my computer sits on scraps of shaped construction paper and sticker-eye balls spread about in disarray on our dining room table.  745 more words

Lauren Mattia Levine

K's Parenting Corner: You Know You're A Mom When...

There is just something about being a mom (or dad)! There are moments that you have with your child that no one else would understand. Moments that you want to cherish forever and then there are the moments that you just have laugh. 235 more words


You Had One Job, Epidural!

Seriously. One job. I was supposed to kick back with my feet up while a baby gingerly tap danced her way through the baby canal. One. 792 more words

Every Day Fun And/or Misery

The Emancipation of Cinderelly

There’s a scene in ”Zoolander” where the veteran male model looks into a puddle on the street and asks “Who am I?” After years of being defined as ridiculously good looking, Derek Zoolander begins to question the “label” of his own identity which ultimately begins his journey into self-discovery. 885 more words

Mom Blogs

That's Not my Monster

I know this book doesn’t belong in my bathroom on my Felix the Cat jewelry box, but I can’t seem to move it to it’s proper location… 34 more words


If Buddha And Warhol Went To Water Zumba

Kids Dance to Water Zumba Video

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I often feel that my kids are pint-sized Buddhas.  630 more words

Lauren Mattia Levine

Teens & Bedtimes

Does your young teenage daughter have a bedtime?  Should young teenage girls have bedtimes still?
First let me explain “young teenage daughter”.  By young, I am referring to the ages 13-15. 110 more words