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10 Things You Learn Your First Year As A Mom

One year. I survived a whole year of being a new mom. Below are some of the more important things you might learn your first year of being a new parent.. 814 more words


Top 5 Reasons Celebrity Skin is Stress-Free (and why I want some)

I vowed as I revamped this crashed blog that my first new post would not be a typical #mommyproblems post with snarky observations. Nope. I vowed not to blog while I sip my wine and whine. 474 more words

Funny Mom Blogs

One Lovely Blog Award

I was so surprised and honored when Mommies Drink, one of my favorite blogs, nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  Mommies Drink is a blog that I recently discovered and it quickly became a favorite of mine.  348 more words

The Direct Sales Monster

Who even am I anymore? I swear I go to bed at night a regular socially awkward mom and awake the next morning in a pile of Jamberry wrap shards, business cards covered in roller tape and dozens of replies to messages I don’t even remember writing. 495 more words

Every Day Fun And/or Misery

clearing the clutter.

i keep coming across these lovely, very heartfelt blog posts by mothers about the general sense of overwhelment (not a word, but hey) and daily failure that comes with motherhood. 522 more words


Annabel Karmel eat your heart out.

It is pretty obvious why I don’t read mommy blogs (and frankly don’t believe any of them).  While cooking Annabel Karmel’s sticky salmon recipe this evening my two year-old peed in the kitchen in brand new pants that I had told her not to put on because she’d pee in them but she’d grabbed and put them on anyways.  249 more words

Mindful Approach To How Often Kids Should Get Dessert


Can We Have Ice Cream

JavaScript required to play Can We Have Ice Cream.

When my kids ask if they can have ice cream, a couple of things happen.  730 more words

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