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kid funnies 5.0

Jack likes to work out with Kyle. While doing Insanity the other day, he said, “Dad? Push-ups are good for my body.”

Taylor – After swimming, shivering and needed to go potty…while sitting on the toilet:”I┬áhave hot pee.” 135 more words

taylor funnies

Taylor has hit a new level of vocabulary and verbal proficiency that is just cracking us up daily. It’s like she’s 2 going on 10. I wish I had a voice-activated recorder lying around because very often she comes up with something or we have a conversation that is just TOO MUCH. 270 more words

Mom Corner

Grant Joins the Crew

In a week, Grant will be three months old. I’ve had his birth story waiting in the wings, but its been a busy three months, with the holidays, friends visiting from out of state in January and a plaguing stretch of illness that has beaten us all for the better part of six weeks. 912 more words