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Let’s say I’m sitting on a bench. Let’s say a stranger comes and sits beside me. Let’s say this guy¬†starts rubbing my face and pulling my hair and poking my boob while asking questions like “when we make snow angels do they go to heaven?”. 187 more words

Easter Photos {and the reality of being a good mom}

Just so you know, you won’t see an Easter photo of all three Ballew children decked out in adorable matching outfits. And I am okay with that. 759 more words

Our Family

Mom guilt

In a long story made extremely short, my husband and I met in Arizona, moved to Nevada after we were engaged, and 5.5 years and one baby later decided to move back. 536 more words

The Juggernaut vs. Joy

So, I have some weird hang-ups about Disney, “princess culture,” the sexualization of girls and the general over-gendering that American childhood culture does to to kids, even really young kids. 360 more words


It's a Shame About Breastfeeding

I am having a holy-shit breastfeeding insight this week. Here goes: Guilt = response to what one does. Shame = response to what one IS. Which one is at work for me, and for other breastfeeding mothers? 1,003 more words


Not a Normal Parent

Every once in a while, I’ll be cruising along when I’m suddenly struck by a realization: I am not a “normal” parent. Now before anyone goes all psycho-babble on me, I realize that there are huge ranges of “normal” and I’m not… 141 more words


"Exclusive" breastfeeding: peer pressure for grown-up girls?

I’m working on a post about the growing use of the term “exclusive breastfeeding” / EBF as a source of anxiety, guilt, or shame for new mothers – and as a (sometimes) subtle form of peer pressure from other women. 30 more words