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It's national women's entrepreneur day!

Strong women Wednesday can’t pass without a mention of national women entrepreneur day! It’s takes a strong women to follow her dreams and live out her passion without the certainty of her level of success. 77 more words

Mom Guilt

So it’s been over a year since I posted, and honestly I just haven’t had anything to post about…I mean other than my adorable handsome son who is TWO now! 539 more words

Quit the guilt!

As a mom of four, I have done it all! stay at home mom, work at home mom, working outside the home and now a combo of working in and out of the home. 524 more words


It’s the tail end of #ISupportYou week, and I wanted to share what I think is the best video ever made about motherhood for our generation. 31 more words

Modern Motherhood

Redemption...and the Patron Saint of Stomach Aches

Some days, my friend.  Some. Days.

The past couple of days have been…trying.  While it is true that nothing earth shattering has happened, all of the little things have been piling up in my world and have created something of a mountain in the middle of my life.  611 more words

Friends & Family

The Default Everything.....

Yesterday I shared a post with you all about “The Default Parent”.  A blog post that felt like it was written about my life when it has come to being parents to our three children.  602 more words

Nosey Neighbors

I came home from work feeling yucky the other day. It’s the start of the cold and flu season and two of my students sneezed right into my face- we all had a long talk about how to sneeze and cough into your arm after that! 271 more words