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In between.

I love the sunset. I love the sunrise. I love New Year’s Eve. I love New Year’s Day.  I love the first day of school and I love the last day of school. 665 more words


Don't worry mom, the diagnosis doesn't change her

This is what I hear and read everywhere I turn right now: that my sweet daughter’s (SD) diagnosis of autism doesn’t change the kind and inquisitive girl I’ve known for almost 10 years. 445 more words

Life Transitions

The "Shoulds"

At first glance, the word “should” seems innocent enough.  But even its definition exposes its critical nature: “used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions.” 540 more words


The Struggle is Real

When I was studying creative writing, we learned about something called ‘tonal lurching.’ It’s pretty self-explanatory. If the tone of your writing is inconsistent, and you fall into the trap of tonal lurches, you quickly confuse the reader. 724 more words


Warning - The Invisible Virus

Guilt – A highly contagious virus is spreading like wildfire this flu season.  Parents, especially mothers are highly susceptible.  This includes: stay-at-home, working, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, single, coupled, same-sex, attachment-parenting, helicopter, free-range, tiger, and any other type of mother you can think of. 158 more words


Why I Let My Child Play Video Games

My son plays a lot of video games. Minecraft, Lego Batman, virtually building Legos on the computer- he loves it all. He’s never as happy as when he’s playing video games, (ok, except for cuddles with Mommy and rough-housing with Daddy). 603 more words

Mom Guilt

Dear Mom Who's Trying to Do It All...

Cut that crap out.

Take a break.

Stop trying to be perfect. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop trying to meet everyone’s expectations.

You can’t fix all your kids’ problems and have all the answers. 389 more words

Dear Mom