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Dear Santa, I Give Up. Put Me On The Naughty List

I think I will just take the coal and deal with it. I am done trying to hold it together and stay positive. For most of the past two weeks my husband has been out of town for work and I have been on my own with the three kids. 646 more words


Mom Guilt: The Ultimate Frenemy

It’s there when you go to bed at night (oh no, I forgot to make him brush his teeth, his teeth are going to rot out of his head and it’s ALL MY FAULT!). 997 more words

dad vs mom

i am working a lot of hours right now, these hours are are usually between 12 am and 9 am.

hell’s hours.

when i get home, i try to take a 2 hour nap and then sleep 2.5 hours at night before work. 272 more words

Tales From Stodmor Land

Becoming the Perfect Mom....yeah, Good Luck with THAT

Every single Mother out there remembers vividly, that first moment you have alone with your firstborn child. That amazing, wiggling, perfect little being you’ve just created and given life to and you have that “talk”. 1,480 more words

What Am I Going to do with Seven Pairs of Yoga Pants?

If I go back to work, what am I going to do with the seven pairs of black yoga pants? These have become my “mom uniform.” 489 more words


Flip The Script: My Biggest Change of 2014

A few weeks ago, I changed my mind. And it was a big deal.

I made a decision to change the direction of my career and life! 1,735 more words

Life Lessons

Mom Guilt

One of the huge perks of being a teacher is the holiday time off.  Last week I had the entire week off with my family and it was amazing!  288 more words