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Mom Guilt - I Will Do Better

My head is heavy on my pillow. I roll over in my bed, trying to turn my brain off. It is time to sleep for hopefully three hours until the baby wakes me for his midnight snack. 1,064 more words


Every minute is another chance.

I have days where I lose my patience with my daughter. Because she’s a toddler and because I am a human. If I’ve not slept well, or if I’m too hungry, or if I am stressed, overwhelmed, or say “no, no” too many times in a day my patience is even lower. 488 more words

Breastfeeding Week: To Each Her Own.

Did you guys know that this week is National Be Awesome At Breastfeeding Week, or something like that? Cause I didn’t.

Truth be told, I don’t care. 725 more words

Why I deleted my Facebook App

Keeping up with the Joneses sometimes gets to be a little too much. After becoming a mom, I find myself constantly comparing everything H and I are doing to what other moms are doing and more often than not I feel like I’m coming up short. 687 more words

First Time Mom

Mac and cheese with a side order of guilt please

Over the last few weeks (okay, okay – the last few months) I’ve gotten into the bad habit of letting Cameron eat lunch in front of the TV. 434 more words

First Time Mommy Tales

Back off, Mr. Retailer, "Back to School" is not cool right now.

Written by: Amy Dalke

Dear Back-to-School-Loving Retailer,

Summer is not over.

This is evidently breaking news for you, because every time a harried mother turns her head, you hold another obnoxious solicitation in her face. 817 more words

This is the sound of settling...

I’ve always had a pretty sunny, probably slightly annoying, disposition. I feel suddenly different. Call it a just-turned-forty epiphany but I think I’m beginning to accept that sometimes things suck and no one is living their absolute ideal life. 214 more words