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The Many Guilts of Mom

I’m having one of those days where I’m feeling like a horrible wife and mother.  There isn’t any one specific thing that I did or didn’t do to warrant feeling this way, but I do.  771 more words


I'm a smiley face.

And then…. there were smiley faces.  My inner ear infection is lots better thank goodness.  I am so glad I called the doc again to ask if there was anything else they could do!   533 more words


The Tragedy of the Working Mother

You’ve been there, haven’t you?  You’re rushing home from working late, hoping to squeeze in a little quality time with the kids somewhere between a thrown-together dinner and a high-speed bath before bedtime.  402 more words


I need to listen to spam more

Linking up over at The Extraordinary Ordinary today!

Every time I post a blog I get lots of spam*. It’s part of the deal with blogging. 463 more words


I'm going through that awkward mom stage

My daughter is quickly becoming a tween who has a very busy social life complete with attitude and drama. This summer has been a whirlwind of random plans, bouncing from on friend’s house to the next, lots of sleepovers and some very late nights. 521 more words

Mom Guilt

Everyday is a new day

Just for the record so you can have a good visual I am writing this post from my bath tub. Not enjoying a warm bath where I can reminisce. 345 more words

Taking on Daycare, One Baby Step at a Time.

Leaving Ben behind in the NICU was one of – if not the – hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. No parent should ever experience leaving the hospital without their baby. 537 more words

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