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Do You Ever ?

Do you ever walk by a mother, at the park, doctors office, store, and just admire her calmness; as she handles a tantrum, from a child, no older than your own, with… 155 more words

A Very New Runner, asking what's all the stuff about?

I am a newbie runner, like so new that I have only done three 5k’s, my first 10k will be in late September and my first Half Marathon is in February. 693 more words

Mom Life

Label, Labels and More Labels

When I was growing up I was the “smart” one. Everyone in my family always told me how clever I was and praised me for doing well in school and piano. 891 more words

Mom Life

My Kids are Sea Creatures!

All kids are sponges, we all know that they pick up the oddest things from us without our even knowing.  Some strange bits of knowledge have been coming out of my kids lately. 825 more words

Mom Life

Beat the heat

Today was too hot so we left the house to cruise the mall and soak in their free air conditioner! It was hectic cause I ditched the stroller and let them call the shots…. 60 more words


Thankful Tuesday 7/29

*I recently started a "Thankful Tuesday" series on my other blog. Why not do it here too? Here ya go!*

I think its Tuesday. And I think its the 29th. 531 more words

New Mom

First Post!

After failing to come up with anything spectacular for my first post, I’m just going to wing it and see what happens! I’m currently standing up at the computer bouncing my 4 month old and letting my 3 year old watch another episode of Scooby-doo in hopes they both get a much needed nap. 156 more words