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Burgundy, Tan & Cobalt

I decided with a cooler day that I would go for my burgundy skinny cords…

Because soon enough we will have heat and humidity and those cords will get packed away!    327 more words

Mom On The Go

A Day of Bowling Fun...

Today Was Another Bi- Monthly Homeschooling Group Bowling Day….

That sentence is a mouthful try saying it….

Our Wonderful Temperatures didn’t hold up, We had a 20 degree drop and lots of Wind!  202 more words

Mom On The Go

A Beautiful Day in the 80's!

I Hadn’t Checked the Weather Forecast and Was Over-Joyed to 

Discover Such Warmth and Sunshine! 

I love how the breeze adds an element of fun to wearing a light, flowing skirt… 314 more words

Mom On The Go

A Day of Thrifting...

Well it’s been close to a month or so since I’ve been thrifting and I made up for it by hitting several Goodwills and Salvation Army’s… 280 more words

Mom On The Go

Teal and Tan Boho Style!

Well, Dear Readers, I may just have discovered my new favorite color combo!

I left my camera in my son’s car and didn’t get it back until late on Friday, so posting now… 311 more words

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The Return of Cold Temps...

It seems like so many of us are currently experiencing the return of colder temps, 

but I’ll take my 40′s over those areas getting snow in Mid-April!   367 more words

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Pinterest Inspiration

I woke up this morning wanting to wear a long boho skirt…

However the rains that held on for half the day, changed my mind… 297 more words

Mom On The Go