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Mom Called....

yesterday my mom called me. it wasn’t just any phone call. she called and immediately started bitching about something. she barely even said hello before she dove into her rant. 261 more words


...you could call (part 2)

Kay, I believe you mean my alarm story. And yes…. You’d think after so many such incidents of “you could call”, I would remember that it’s easier to just do it myself. 702 more words

You could call in the first place!

This is more of a rant. Probably because my toddler has decided to wake up in the middle night and not go back to sleep for hours and then when she does, the baby wakes up. 226 more words

Magnum Opus

I love my children.

Tonight at dinner time I watched them both … my almost 10 month old son is taking well to learning ASL (American Sign Language) something we taught our daughter as well. 778 more words

Carpe Diem

Mom, just a thought


If any of these images look familiar, then you may feel like I do, older then you remember being. Yes, your children will most likely not know how awesome Pauly Shore was in Son in Law…buudddy… or is that a good thing… Well, I am sure they do not know who Smashing Pumpkins are or Oasis, unless you are from England, then they should! 154 more words

Just Mom