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listen don't talk

“listen- don’t talk – don’t get mad- just pray”

That what the index card said.  It was taped to the cabinet door with all the other quotes and jokes that get my mom through her day.   976 more words

My tips ( Day 1)

1. I find it easier if you find something you like to do yoga, weights, boxing, just plain old crunches and running whatever you like best or a mix of both and set a goal like say i love crunches i can do them basically anywhere i’m laying down watching TV the brake comes on i set my goal for 10 and go if i fell i can do more go for it or set your goal higher next time so that way no matter what your trying to get to that set number and don’t give up… 137 more words

a continuation

Mom’s back home in Texas. Almost immediately after she left, it seems, I got rather sick. But I’m feeling better and so it’s time to fill out the past week in pictures. 47 more words

April 25 is the birthday of the most inspiring person that I know.  I have been writing this post about my mother in my head for months, but she is so unbelievably and almost preternaturally multifaceted that I have hesitated for fear of not doing her justice.

And God Knows...

There comes a point when you fall into a hole. Where there are no voices to hear and no eyes to see. There comes a point when you are alone with yourself, where it corners you or ambushes you. 169 more words

The Quest Of Personhood

One-Way Ticket to LA

2 weeks ago was the first time our little lady had been away from her daddy for a whole week.

And for that matter, it was also the first time… 738 more words


Falling In Love Sucks

So I haven’t been posting actual posts recently because I just starting taking care of my new puppy. When my brother left her with me, he told me, “All your independence…is gone. 634 more words