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Like her, I rub my nails across the rind of a lemon, to wipe away the oils from the onion

My mother made bean soup this way.

Put your pot on the range and light a medium flame underneath. On your cutting board, dice your salt fat meat, whatever it is, and then put it into the pot. 343 more words

Richard Armitage

Looks We Love: How To Dress For Froyo

I hope that you’re all having a great week! I’m looking forward to getting done with this week and being on stay-cation next week since daycare is closed. 507 more words


A difficult day

I adore my woman. I love my life in California. I have just a couple more loose ends to tie up and we will be ready to live life the way we have been planning for months. 361 more words

My Idea of Cute

Everyones idea of cute is different. Of couse we all have different ideas of what is cute. I swear the first guy I have a relationship with my mom will love to hate him. 222 more words

How to Shop a Goodwill

So, I guess this article is really going to show how much I can differ in my clothing pursuits.  On one hand, I love shopping in boutiques.   554 more words


Simply put... it's chaos

I found myself in a conversation with co-workers today (who don’t yet have kids) trying to explain a day in the life of a parent. A parent with two rowdy, active (and sometimes gross) little boys.   1,208 more words



Written 27 July 2014:

Almost got punched in the face this morning.

I was running down McPhillips and I noticed an older gentleman kinda turn and notice me. 112 more words

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