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Supernatural Paranormal Kids

You won’t believe what I’m about to say. We’ve all heard the stories about the Bermuda Triangle and we’re well versed with the unexplained goings-on in Area 51, but little to no attention gets paid to the unexplained supernatural paranormal activity that surround kids.   895 more words


How to Write an Obituary? No idea.

You can google how to write an obituary. You need the full name, age, birthplace, survivors, and the like. If you’ve ever read an obituary in the paper, you can guess most of what you need. 298 more words


From 9 PM-4 AM

As I was doing my test in class I got a message from Tee that said “at Children’s with K.” I immediately got scared because when I left K was fine. 436 more words


Episode Seventy-Two: This is Just my Face

You may have heard of a growing epidemic facing women these days. You see these women on the train, in your office, at the gym, across the table from you…in line at Starbucks…maybe even in the mirror. 340 more words

Tell Me More

What’s the big deal about tomorrow?

It’s Turkey Day!

What’s a turkey?

Hang on, let me see if I can find a picture of one on the internetie thing.   90 more words


What It Feels Like to Be the Wealthiest Woman Alive

It’s Thanksgiving Eve 2014.

What makes me the Wealthiest Woman Alive?

  • I’m happily married (most of the time ;) ) to a good, loving, faithful, spiritually-minded, God-loving, good-looking, funny, playful, wise, soulful, affectionate, hardworking, creative, non-sports-watching, non-video-game-playing, book-loving, chick-film tolerant, generous, artistic, brilliant man,
  • 433 more words

Here's to you, moms

Kissing boo-boos and making airplanes out of spoons.”

Here’s to the headaches and three hours of sleep. Smelling like milk and a trash full of diapers.

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