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Turn Around 3 Times and Spit

Remember how I said I shouldn’t tempt the thing from high atop whatever? Well I should have gone outside, turned around three times and spit (or cursed, something like that) to prevent the sky from falling down on my head. 1,049 more words


I saw the missed calls collecting on my phone’s display and the voice mails I didn’t bother to check. What was I to say when my mom would eventually ask me, “how are things? 583 more words

The most important character quality to teach your child athlete

I (David) remember the scene well. Our oldest son Tavita, was crouched on the sideline with his head down. He was discouraged after losing our third game in a row. 513 more words

Learning from waiting rooms and little boys

Had I been there alone, I would have been engrossed in a book, happily enjoying my solitude and thinking only of my leisure. But I wasn’t alone, I was sitting in the waiting room with my active three-year-old son. 437 more words


NJ Mom Charged With Trying To Kill Her 3 Children

MOUNT HOLLY, N.J. (CBS) – According to the Burlington County Prosecutor and Florence Township Police, a mother was charged today with trying to kill her three teenage children by driving into the Delaware River Tuesday night. 123 more words


24 Applicants Refused World's Toughest Job

Mullen, an advertising agency in Boston recently posted a fake job opening for a “Director of Operations.” Huff Post reports that 2.7 million people saw it, but only 24 people applied for the job. 72 more words