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Children Experiencing God

I pray that my kids will experience God in a real way everyday. I pray that as they encounter God in their lives their faith will grow and they will see who He is for themselves. 284 more words


lessons as a new mom

1. Even if you’re someone who prides herself on being on time, you’re going to be late. (A lot.) That’s just what happens when you’re responsible for the well-being of another person… 918 more words


After a few naps, I was back in my hanging chair in grandma’s kitchen. This time she had a big surprise for me. You see, my grandparents could not be at my first ever birthday and I guess they really wanted to be there for the cake, … 299 more words


Gilmore Girls!!

Yesterday all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls went live on Netflix, and guess who started her binge!! This one.

As I sat here on my couch rewatching all the episodes in order, I laughed. 383 more words

Life Updates

33 Days of Sickness...

The manchild is ill.  The symptoms vary from day to day making it very difficult to diagnosis.  But we know it’s a long term illness.  It might even be a life long illness.  703 more words

Hey Mama..

Hey mama…I see you there, trying your hardest to keep it together. I hear the desperation in your voice when you’re begging your kiddo to do the one thing that’s the last thing he wants to do right now. 294 more words

All Things Said

I spent yesterday morning at the middle school sitting in an ARD/IEP meeting for the oldest. Teacher after administrator gushed on and on about Josh: what a good boy he is, what a great job Joe and I have done raising such an exceptional young man…the kindest, most honest student they have ever come across in all their years. 170 more words