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Hospitals & Me Don't Mix

I’m reminded, as I lay here on this uncomfortable bench seat/bed, how much I hate hospitals. Not just because the bedding for overnight guests are usually the worst, but because I have some bad memories here. 593 more words


Historical Referrence

This is a picture of me with my great grandmother. I loved her.

She died age 93 on my 9th birthday.

Her nickname was “Tiny”. She chewed tobacco but I did realize it until years later. 315 more words

Tired and Busy

What does one say when there are more questions than answers?
What does one do when there is more chaos than calm?
How does one move forward when the path seems to keep changing? 279 more words


Here I go....my intro....at best

So I don’t really know what I’m doing.  Is this working?  Will this work?  Will any of this be helpful?  Do I care?  Do I care too much?   1,353 more words

Bikes & Kids

Ride a bike they said.  It’s easy they said.

That is what my preteen keeps saying to herself.  She’s a little late, but we got her a different bike this year.   147 more words

Udder Madness

Tonight’s after dinner conversation was sparked by my lotion, Udder Cream.
Youngest: I didn’t want to use it, I thought it said elder cream, like it’s only for old people. 100 more words