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Internet Mana : the divorce

So the Internet Mana Party is no more. As 3News reports, a letter has been sent to the Electoral Commission to confirm that the relationship has been terminated. 360 more words


A Story I WANT to Write But Don't Know How

Many months ago I thought of a story that would make for some good dramatic content. It would also give me a chance to express my views on race relations, ethnic identity, and the “human condition” in general. 769 more words

Tills and Tellers - The stop I hate to make!

OK, I will just straight up say it, I hate tills.

In the past few days I have been in and out of retail stores buying products and doing some research on prospective brands I would like to work on. 648 more words

South Africa

I don’t know if this explains anything, but I guess it should give you a reason to think. A reason to hesitate before you pick up your phone and call her to end it, or halt your speech as soon as you sense those fatal words coming out of your mind. 116 more words

Moment Of Truth

Living Until It's Too Late to "Live"

In this week’s post, the question posed is whether or not we are living, breathing, and merely passing through life and not stopping to enjoy life. 789 more words

#MFD University Writing Center


No matter how bottomless your dive is, you will rear back towards the shore

Pressurizing your veins in the brain, you will crave that numbness more… 236 more words


Not Forgotten - short film

On point, beautifully shot, short film by my friends Thomas Torrey and Shea Sizemore at moments.org.