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It’s a feeling, nothing more.
The loophole, loosely tied.

This state of bliss. Soft and powerful and infinite and exact. There is no beginning or end here. 813 more words

Moments In Time

Russian Roulette

God I need a Russian. Or at least to learn it.

My beautiful amazing housekeeper is Russian…my bad, no, she’s from the Ukraine. She speaks Russian though and me being rather ignorant of all things culture think therefore she is Russian. 1,566 more words

Moments In Time

The Stall

Red rimmed eyes look up from the desk begging for a little more time. It has been only a short time and the paper is still blank, but the clock’s minute hand has moved belying the hour. 562 more words

Moments In Time

The Cliff

Wind, icy and biting, brushes against the tips of my fingers which are pressed firmly against the wall. The sun still high in the sky taunts me to continue on, but the obstacle is just to great. 493 more words

Moments In Time

the earth has been nourished...

… spring has sprung

~ for a short while, fresh new growth turns our garden into a wonderland of young greens

anywhere and everywhere, mulched by autumn’s bounty… 33 more words


Colour Me Happy

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Pablo Picasso

I love that quote.

A few days glamping it up in a safari tent (a posh tent on floor boards with beds included) with the family. 250 more words