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You See the Flowers

From my chair in the sand I looked out over the water, and I watched your willowy frame.  The wind tossed your hair and it sparkled in that way that it does in July, after six weeks of sun has left it’s highlights falling in ribbons around your crown.   169 more words


8-14-2014 Afternoon at Work

It’s becoming harder to hold back the flood. My dam is breaking. Cracks are taking shape up and down the side. Needle holes beginning to leak feelings. 92 more words

A Moment


Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is remarkable in the world of science, invention and the way of the world. As I read this quote, I think of all those times that you think, wow, isn’t that remarkable. 167 more words

Lessons Learned

the end of the rainbow

my mother’s father died on her 2nd birthday…
it is strange to think I have a grandfather, that my mother did not even know herself… 12 more words

Contemplative Photography

Through the crack in the fence...

The sun’s rays streaming through the sides of our neighbors fence palings Saturday morning illuminated the moss in such a way that the lime-green of the moss became quite dazzling. 84 more words


CD Cover – Moments in Time

Below is my CD cover design for Nadya Mycroft‘s Moments in time.


In the Beginning

In the beginning we all believe the people around us are immortal. No one we love ever leaves us or dies, we don’t understand the concept of a finite existence until we experience a loss so great your mind forces you to understand that we no longer have an infinite of time on this planet. 242 more words