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David sat down on the couch with me before the kids got up and he sipped his coffee.  And then he would swallow his coffee, and I swear it was the loudest swallow I have ever heard.   466 more words


Visiting moments in time for 101 & found this : Social Media is a Waste of Time for Writers---Hmmm, Think Again .. so decided to try the "scary" PRESS this button ;) LOL

On my tour today of visiting … moments in time for the 101 task of confidence and commenting  … I must say I pondered the wisdom of letting myself loose on the masses ..humour ..cheek n all in the making the world a better place & BE the change wake up  … that normally rattles and expands in the old noggin… 599 more words


The Singles Vow

Valentine’s Day is in exactly 24 days 14 hours 45 minutes and 58 seconds, 57, 56, 55…well you get the idea.  No I’m not someone who gets super stressed about the major holidays where it seems as if everyone is coupled up; Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and last of the “couple” holidays, Valentine’s day.   827 more words


waves of confidence

Come to think of it, a wave is everything I am not: it is not afraid to be out there, far out in the vast, vast bottomless ocean, alone, building up power and stature as it progresses (tossing the odd bit of debris around mercilessly), until it can shed all that energy, with natural force and flow, coursing into every nook and cranny, crashing against rock-hard resistance with the greatest of ease, finally spilling itself tranquilly on a beach somewhere, leaving only beauty in its wake. 45 more words


impressions of solitude

I can escape visually into creative solitude anywhere, anytime, (even if only briefly) as long as I have some form of camera at hand, which very often is none other than that of my trusty old cell phone. 99 more words

Contemplative Photography

The Simple joys of Life

The simple joys

Today was as hot as hades, summer is a mixture of outdoor activities and staying indoors when it gets too severe. It is not my favourite time of year. 683 more words


Road Tripping Dysfunctional Family-Style - Moments In Time


Life is about experiencing ‘moments’ in time, but even more importantly, it’s about being able to recognize them as precious moments and to fully appreciate them for what they are. 461 more words

Midlife Observations