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It Won't Last Forever

This morning I sat by the window in the big yellow chair in my bedroom as Ella bounced up the steps.  I told her to get dressed, so she skipped to her room and then she skipped back to me to tell me she likes the outfit I chose for her — lots of maroon and orange because today is gameday you know.   582 more words



As we rolled through the plains, we came upon several pairs of the comical Namaqua Sandgrouse waddling along the road. Some would glance our way and carry on pecking unperturbed; others would screech with fright, burst into the air, and then settle down again a little ahead. 443 more words



A pleasing emotion

Gnarly or Not

They’re Ours

Our memories

Our consciousness


Moments in time

that become versed


Moments in time

that we preserve… 69 more words


treasures of time

It’s in the colours, soft pastels, it’s in the wide open spaces, the utter quiet, it’s in the little things and their resilience, it’s in the relics of chaff and clay, a time of connection to the earth, 59 more words


Reflecting {Middle Arch, Galway}

Reflecting recently on all the new experiences I’ve had over the last year. Lots of new people and places and sights and sounds. They all originate in this city though – my spiritual home. 38 more words



I stood at the end of time
And watched
The river
Flow through my veins
My veins
Echo the river.
I held a shell… 158 more words

Moments In Time

TBT-Moments In Time

<3 TBT- Moments In Time <3

<3 Any kid would be fortunate to have this man as their Grampy <3

<3 A.J. and his eldest Grandson Gabriel, LOVED to play Super-Heroes… 103 more words