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I don’t know why packing is so difficult for me. It’s always the only part of vacation I really dread. I wonder if it’s because I have an adversity to planning. 173 more words


No Credit Score

I have had a credit card since I was 17, a cell phone since I was 20, and my bank account since I was about 10. 143 more words


Moments Inbetween

I lost my top hat
It tumbled down the elevator shaft
But only ten feet,
Suspended mid-air it rotated
My belongings gathered around my ankles… 27 more words


To my Past. Sincerely, my Future.

The moment you say I love you. I want to go deaf to everything but that moment. All eyes on us. All hopes and dreams I want to share with you and only you. 73 more words

Wanting a Better Life; My Diary

Dear me,

Today was a tough day! I had to take my baby to the hospital because he, apparently, has a hernia. :/

It makes me so so so sad when my little ones are hurting and I can not do anything about it. 488 more words


Impressions of Akçaabat

Trabzon, a beauty of the Black Sea. This city has everything – the sea, leafage, tablelands and history. Today I wanted to show you some impressions of Akçaabat.