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Away We Go.

It has been a pretty eventful week around the Ogden camp. Our schedules have picked up so much momentum that I can barely see straight. There was a point in my life where I wondered how people juggled so many things at one time, especially while navigating through doctors appointments and therapy sessions. 1,076 more words

What I've learned in the last 4 1/2 years as a Mom & a widow

In the last 4 1/2 years I’ve had much to learn. The most obvious being that single parenting sucks, the 2nd most important being you NEVER get over a broken heart, it NEVER heals, but you do learn new ways to get through it each and every day that you get up. 505 more words

What little ears hear

My son doesn’t like to be startled. At all. Ever. He doesn’t like alarm clocks ( I don’t either ), car horns ( unless he’s honking them ),  or fire drills ( they bring him to his knees).  594 more words

Mommy Moments

Of Baby Showers, Surprises and Special Friends!

Spree of baby showers, birthday surprises and monthly get togethers mostly for our kids’ birthday parties, or a cup of tea/coffee with pastries to cheer us up while catching up, these are sweetly shared with real and wonderful friends. 301 more words

Cervical Mucus & American Ninja Warrior.

*Before I start this blog entry, I’d like to apologize to my husband in advance for the full disclosure & TMI. He was an innocent participant in all of this. 693 more words


Single Moms Rock: Get Fit Friday Edition With @Antanique

It’s Friday and the awesome Personal Trainer @Antanique is ready to give you some great tips to keep in shape!  Check out todays video and be sure to follow… 18 more words



If the laws of science would allow it, my head would literally be spinning at a record breaking rate. I have spent the past 72 hours of life talking to every medical professional under the sun.   1,395 more words