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Happy Hump Day!

We are have way through, keep pushing for greatness and your awesome goals you have set for yourself!

Slice of Heaven: Mommyhood

Being a mom {or dad} is an insane job. It is the gratification you get from eating a huge slice of chocolate cake without calories one moment and the pain of getting kicked in the shin {sometimes literally} at the exact moment that follows. 185 more words


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When I woke up this morning to the call of, "Mom, KJ pooped!" I knew this was going to be the greatest day ever... I tried to grin and make my way through the morning as smoothly as possible, high fives to dad who jumped in to make breakfast this morning. This great deed giving me a little time to share this blog . Being a Full time Mother, Part time Blogger, On Call Consultant; I don't really remember to stop and smell the Roses all the time. But I definitely should more often, even if I'm on my knees in manure :)

Be Blessed By Your Mess

We’ve all seen it …

If you’re a mom like me, you’ve been there yourself.

The house where a tiny person lives …

A tiny person who is capable of making a HUGE mess! 563 more words


My Breastfeeding Experience

Breastfeeding is the most important thing when post natal. Every new baby born needs breast milk which in this age, breast milk fulfills 100% baby’s need until 6 months age of a baby. 1,199 more words


I Am Superwoman

Today I am feeling like Superwoman. I don’t feel like I can do everything, but I do feel like I can do most things. This past week has been about letting go of what I cannot control and remembering that I am not a master of the universe. 363 more words

If A Door Closes, Don't Nail It Shut

As I’m out and about these days, asking questions and being my nosey self,
the topic that keeps coming up has been about trying to maintain or salvage difficult, morphing friendships. 805 more words



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