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fighting, fighting all day long

Children’s laughter has to be one of the greatest sounds in the world. I love hearing my kids have a good belly laugh, on the opposite end of the spectrum is when your kids fight with each other. 96 more words

In Search Of Another Mommy

I have always been quite the outgoing gal.  Always made friends really easy growing up and even in my early adulthood.  Granted a lot of those friendships were made through my work but easily made just the same.   614 more words



Motherhoodi isn’t it the greatest. Yes it is sometimes.

While killing some time on Facebook I ran across a mommy page that had a woman complaining about her child disrupting her lifestyle. 578 more words


How to Love Your Dogs Again

Once upon a time I was a swollen nugget of emotions called a pregnant lady. The stereotype of the hormonal future mother who cries at everything was one I hoped wouldn’t apply to me but lo and behold in my third trimester I found myself in just such a manner one evening hanging out with my husband and our two dogs, LuLu and Arcanine. 475 more words

So Here I Am

Oh boy – I have been completely out of touch with the blog world these last few months. It’s been one of those spells where I say, “Today I’ll sit down and write!” And then it doesn’t happen. 661 more words


Here I go...

Entry 1: 1/23/2015

Mommies Rock will be my own personal blog about mommy hood and although challenging at times how much you can still Rock it! 257 more words