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Busy morning, thank god I'm young!

I’m sure all you moms out there with one child, look at me like; how does she do it? Some mornings I wonder the same thing! 369 more words


Gang Stalking - Thank God those days of women fainting are over.

I decided I needed to rest for a day, so I took a day off from everything. I didn’t clean, cooked something from a package, and rested by reading a book. 550 more words


The Push

I have a thing for bald eagles. My affection began on a cold March morning on the island of Kodiak, Alaska. I was working. I’d just gotten off a small plane from Anchorage and I was driving to a small local hospital for a surgical case. 743 more words

Life Lessons

Are You the Mom of a Special Needs Child? Here are 11 Symptoms.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and I don’t even recognize myself.  Sometimes I look at a calendar and I can’t believe how fast my life seems to be moving.   1,761 more words

A Child's Innocence - It's Not Black and White.

Today was a stormy day.  I don’t mean that literally.  Figuratively, today was a stormy day for us.  We spend a lot of time half way across the great state of Texas while seeking the best medical care we can for our little boy.   1,299 more words

Back to School-update

I know, I know… two in one day, you must be wondering!  I’m sorry.  “What are you letting your children do while your husband is away, and you get to do all this writing?” you may ask…  Well since I have just seen… 1,040 more words

My Musings

Mommies Looking For Extra Income...

Whether you’re a new mommy, a mommy-veteran, single, or married, a little extra income always comes in handy to contribute towards the household and yourself. However, creating a balance between your presence at home and earning those funds can be a bit of a struggle. 689 more words

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