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TGIF , seriously!!

I know that everyone loves a Friday, I am especially thankful for this one. It’s been a nightmare of a week, it’s actually been nightmarish for way longer but hey bye gones, right? 179 more words

Rejuvenate Yourself Mommies!

That’s what I’m trying to do! This is my second baby & this time, I get WAY less sleep with the little one tossing & turning (like an olympic gymnast!) ALL night long, EVERY night. 131 more words

Gastrik & Nestum 3 in 1 Chocolate Flavour

Hi readers! Followers!

Sorry…lama sgt saya x update blog nih. Ada masalah teknikal sebenarnya…Ni la al-kisah sebab suka sangat tukar password! Dalam seminggu 2-3 kali tukar mengalahkan tukar tudung! 180 more words


An Insight Into Amazon [Guest Infographic]

Happy Saturday my loves..

Who haven’t heard of Amazon, right? In fact,a lot of new computers today have a pre-installed Amazon app. This is how popular this website it. 25 more words


Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall!

Ever wonder what fruits and veggies are in season?  I sure have!  These days, we can have every fruit and vegetable any time of year – which is AWESOME!  334 more words

The most (amazing) over-priced piece of fabric

I swore I was not going to be that mom who spent way too much money on superfluous things. Ground zone #1 a baby carrier. The cheapest cost, what 30 or so dollars, and are made, I’m going to guess out of 1 dollars worth of material and stitched together is let’s say 15 minutes. 254 more words


What a tired Mommy you know needs to hear today.

Do you have a friend who is a tired mommy? A co-worker? A daughter?  A sister? A wife? Then listen up people! I’ve read quite a number of blogs with similar lists – some variation of, “What NOT to say to a tired mom or a mother of young children.” They are all right and true and I tend to agree with them completely. 775 more words