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The Hash Tag Mommy

I am super ooberly excited right now!  I had to write!

Every day I am discovering so many new things on social media, its driving me crazy!   624 more words


Introduction to #mpasi101

Wow, time flies!

The little Miss is almost six months old now. And as recommended by her pediatrician, I will introduce solid food to her very soon. 130 more words


Introduction to #mimirecovery

Hello, everyone!

We are Mrs and Miss Chandra. Since the little Miss is still a baby, so for now ‘Mimi’ Chandra will do the blogging alone. 327 more words


You Might Like Marketing

WordPress lists blogs you might like based on posts and bloggers you’ve liked previously. Twitter suggests people you should follow based on who you already follow. 706 more words

Random Musings

Baby led weaning first week

Broccoli. She loves it!!!

Baby led weaning is basically skipping puree and starting with solids. Steaming the food that needs it and making sure your baby can feed himself and is overall ready. 22 more words


Three Famous Mommies From The Past (2008)

1. Lily Munster.

2. Morticia Addams.

3. Thelma Keane.
A “Family Circus” inspiration-
Always enlightening, while getting the
mothering done.


Ramsey Renovation

If you follow me on instagram, you know that my life is full of babies, work and home renovations. Which is why I am currently a terrible blogger. 767 more words

Embarrassing Situations