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The classic

I would love to have a legit, ugly Christmas sweater. Like the Christmas sweater before having an ugly one was cool. Sadly, I do not. Because when they weren’t cool I was too young and naive to see that they would become a hipster thing in the future. 71 more words

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This girl was asked how much she loved being a mom. Her answer may shock you!

Oh, hi.

I was gone for a minute, but that’s because I was busy having–and subsequently, trying not to kill–a baby.

This adorable, healthy little fart factory was born six days late at 7:30pm on November 27th by emergency c-section. 797 more words

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Mister Snowman

First off I would like to say, if I ever have the thrilling idea to go out shopping this close to Christmas with a toddler again some one please slap me. 221 more words

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Quicks Tips To Using IZEA

Get sponsored by well-known brands.

Consumers have a voice, and bloggers that review products are using their websites to share how they feel about the products and companies they have been purchasing for years. 407 more words

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In June 2014, Friday the 13th, night of the full moon, I became Mommy to my very beautiful, magnificent, absolutely perfect baby girl. I don’t think I have a defined parenting style; I tend to be very mutable, changing tactics, and adopting whatever works for my family. 167 more words


Gnome for the Holidays

I laughed way too hard when I saw this shirt at Target. Looking at it now it’s not that funny. But I still love it. 37 more words

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Better to be Safe than Sorry!

This silly little precious angel means the world to me. She is the sweetest, silliest, most playful child. She amazes me with her creativity, her drive and her egarness to learn new things every day. 750 more words