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Hello?  Anyone here?  *Looks around, almost gets knocked down by a tumbleweed.*

Wow, hang on a sec, let me dust off the monitor and pick out the bramble from between my keys  … 189 more words


True Stories From My Life: Tall Helen

I met Helen at a women’s networking event in Denver. I had always wanted to live in Colorado but hadn’t had the opportunity. Now on my own, I manipulated a way to get out there. 354 more words


4 Workout Trends: Digital, Short, Social, Row

Are you one to make excuses that you can’t find the time to exercise? I am. Or you start a routine for a few days and then you don’t start again for a few weeks? 409 more words


In Love With Thursdays

I was always a fan of Wednesdays — it’s the middle of the week — but ever since I met Jeff, Thursdays have taken its place. 133 more words

Mommy Blog

A Day in the Life: Vol 1

I often find myself feeling like I’ve achieved nothing in the course of a day and wonder where all the time goes. I want to start periodically chronicling ‘A Day in the Life’ so I can properly see where all that time actually did go, and I’m sure it’ll be good to look back on in a few months or years and marvel at how things have changed. 961 more words