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gratitude // a letter to ezra

You have filled me with gratitude lately.

I took you on a walk in your new stroller the other day. You looked so big sitting up the way you were, holding on the crossbar tightly with both hands. 260 more words


Field Trip Jitters

About two and a half weeks ago, my son started kindergarten. Other than being really tired and ready to eat 14 pounds of snacks after long school days, he’s adjusting really well and seems to be enjoying his newest independent venture. 570 more words

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Eating Issues and Sensory Processing Disorder: An All Day Long Affair

I think I could eat pumpkin pie,” he said tentatively.

It was 9:30 PM. He should’ve been on his way to bed. I should’ve been on my way to bed ( 1,108 more words


Holy busy!

I just wanted to pop over here for a quick post. We closed on the house and I’ve been painting so I haven’t had time to be on here. 231 more words

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Neons in Autumn

I haven’t dressed V up in a while so I got excited for this outfit. We started our day pretty late, around noon. V was up until 12 last night all giggly and playing and jumping on her daddy. 252 more words

And Hello Fall!

Hard to believe just a few weeks ago the kids were dressed┬álike this…



I’m in my office playing on the internet……well that’s what it seems like i’m doing, but I’m really struggling with defining boundaries for my research study on mommy bloggers on Baby Center. 476 more words