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Jamberry Nails: An Easier Way To Get A Manicure

Keeping up your nails just got easier.

Getting my nails done is the last thing on my mind, and yes I know it is good for moms to get some alone time. 631 more words

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MomViews: I Was Adopted

November is National Adoption Month and this week I am featuring one of my new favorite bloggers, Juliana Ruud of One Ruud Mom. Her posts are always so interesting, and it helps that she also considers her pup to be part of the family (I love that!) This week on MomViews, Ruud is sharing her experience with being adopted, offering her first-born up for adoption, and more. 429 more words

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Get this Baby out of me!

Last week I was sentimental about things I’m going to miss once I’m not pregnant. That was because I really felt like she was coming. But she’s still not here and I’ve given up on guessing when she’ll actually get here. 433 more words

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Nursery Update Number 4

I have another nursery update for you. Its really coming together and I’m so happy with it!

As was said in my last update, my friend helped me out with the mural on the wall. 282 more words

Is It Procrastination If I Never Intended To Do It?

Before baby goes to sleep:

I'm going to do the laundry after the baby goes to sleep.

I'm definitely going to remove this week old nail polish tonight, after Lilly goes to bed. 110 more words


Top 10 Reason Why I Hate Minecraft

Let me start by saying I love my kids.  I do.  I really do. I mean it.  They are my everything.  So please as you read this do not think for one instance that I don’t love who they are, what they do, and spending time with them.   1,722 more words

Adding More Fruit To Your Daily Meals

I am a self-proclaimed fruit junkie who does not have any plans of signing up for rehab. Fruits helped me control my pregnancy cravings. I remember picking up a bowl mixed with blackberries, blueberries and strawberries just to tame my sweet tooth. 391 more words

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