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A Momma's Heartfelt Thank You

Sometimes shopping, eating out, just simply being in public can be so difficult for our kiddos (and for their momma’s). I love this piece celebrating every day people, who are making a huge impact in one child’s life. 1,000 more words


Motivation Monday: Remember How You Felt

Every day gets a little bit easier. Sebastian is now a one-year-old, and is wilder than ever. Although he can be a handful, I always try to remember that he is just exploring the world around him. 278 more words

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Pregnancy Update: Week 27

So Week 27 was…interesting. Not much happened on the pregnancy front, but the week started off badly and just kept getting worse from there.

It also seemed like everyone was having a bad week – it was a karmic vortex of crap that kept piling up until we were all grumpy, fractious and just downright miserable. 687 more words

What Happens When He Is An Adult?

She looked at me, right in the eyes, and smiled. She nodded knowingly, and then went back to her son, who was loudly lecturing her on the prices of bread. 946 more words


Motivational Blog Tools

There comes a time in your life when you do not feel motivated to write. It is no longer a writer’s block issue, it is simply lack of motivation to keep going. 759 more words

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Think Positive, Live Positive

I posted this picture on my Instagram with a few particular people in mind…

There are a few people who we care a lot about that we think could benefit from this quote.   212 more words

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Tilapia Recipe

Tonight I made the best tilapia I think I have ever had. I like just about all fish but tilapia is my favorite because it doesn’t have that super fishy taste. 379 more words

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