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It's Okay You're Not a Mom

I read a lot of parenting posts and blogs now that I’m of an age at which friends and relatives are married and popping out miniature versions of themselves. 1,374 more words


Sniffie Clippies from Sweet Julep's

Innovative hair confections, each with a fun fragrance.

From popular couture hair accessories brand Sweet Julep’s come Sniffie Clippies, scented hair clips, bands and bows, plus bracelets and necklaces with a unique, fun fragrance that will last up to 12 months, then slowly dissipate. 122 more words

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On Breeding

Everyone knows that Mormons and Muslims make babies with world domination as their goal. But what about the rest of us? Why do we end up breeding? 774 more words


Shirts That Go

Vehicle & transportation inspired t-shirts for kids and toddlers.

Bold. Graphic. Realistic. Shirts That Go are designed for kids in motion! A huge hit with toddler boys who love anything transportation or construction related, Shirts That Go can also inspire little girls who have a need for speed! 292 more words

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Why $30 Per Day Is Not A Deal

Typically I try to keep posts from reading like a diary. Of late, however, what I want to say is proving beyond my abilities at conversion to stories or vignettes. 790 more words


INTRODUCING BABY! Okay, not really.

dudes! who the heck am I?

i feel like i should warn you that what you are about to read will show you how pathetic my life can be at points… which is to say… as of late, pretty pathetic. 398 more words


Skip Clothing

Inspired by tropical climes and exotic travel.

Designer and label creator Sharon Hirt has created a fun and breezy collection that appeals to young kids who love colorful, classic clothing and accessories. 180 more words

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