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After having my first baby, I started reading parenting sites. After my second, I started writing for them.

It’s Women’s History Month! Intro Your Daughter to These Inspiring Young Role Models… 35 more words



“So you sold your house, but don’t have a new one yet?”

“That’s right. I can’t get any bank to understand that my overtime pay is required by my job. 278 more words

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Disasters in Diamondhead: Caffeine, Spiders and Cops, Oh my!

Having a child changes everything. EVERYTHING. Having two just makes you crazy. Each time we go on a trip, I swear we will never do it again… then parental amnesia sets in, and I agree to go all over again… “Oh, yes, that sounds like fun!!” 957 more words

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I’m cranky. And I wasn’t really sure why, until I sat down to process my Monday morning:

1. Go to the C-Lab to pee in a cup–and bring my toddler with me. 542 more words

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Oh. My. Goodness.

“H-. I just put your clothes out on the bed and so go upstairs and change while I put your cereal in a bag. I remembered we need to get going fast this morning,” he ordered as he jogged down the flight of stairs, himself still needing a change of clothes before stepping outside. 276 more words

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My First Time...

…at blogging, that is. I have always wanted a personal blog. I think I am clever and witty. I have a lot to say and for some reason, I think people should and will be interested. 634 more words

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Huge Numbers For Four

“And when your daddy was young H-, he used to laugh so much at dinner that we had to send him to his room,” the grandma said as she leaned into the table signaling that this was privileged information. 162 more words

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