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Wednesdays are now 3L Day - Life, Love & LEGO

In the M&B household we live and breathe LEGO (and Minecraft). I freelance to support the Boy of Terror’s LEGO habit which as a STEM education supporter I am more than willing to do. 42 more words


How 'Bout?

A strict father, though one who exercised a parent’s hypocritical initiative frequently, he never let her watch television.  And his list of approved-for-her movies included only three titles: … 463 more words

Creative Writing

Support Handmade

Support Handmade Wednesdays

I love handmade items, whenever I need a gift for someone I am straight on Etsy looking for things and then I go off track and add things to my basket that I really don’t need but love and it ends up costing a total bomb!! 263 more words


You might be a mom if ...

1. You, too, snack on Goldfish crackers – not because you ran out of your favorite munchies, but because you actually like them.

2. You continue to watch… 156 more words

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Struggling to fit into the Living and Loving Mommy mould .....

This is the third part of a few parts.  What you can surmise from this is my inability to plan.  

The first part is here… 1,532 more words

Reluctant Mom


Before having the boogie baby, I already had a tendency to do too much. This wasn’t helped by all the information online about pregnancy, baby development, and the dos and donts of parenting. 571 more words


Kids ask the darnedest things

   My kids think I’m a genius.

   And that is definitely a big deal, coming from the toughest critics I know: my 5- and 7-year-old daughters. 1,012 more words

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