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MAM #Preggobrain

Pregnancy brain is real, people. If you have ever been pregnant or know someone who has, you know what I’m talking about. It’s pretty much like forgetting that your hairbrush is in your hand when you can’t find it and that your sunglasses are on your head when the sun is shining directly in your face. 265 more words

When cookies fail: 5 things I wish I could memorize

I swear that ever since I became a mom my long term memory has vanished. A friend told me that she read something about long term memory loss being a primal instinct to allow a mother to focus on her child’s short term needs – ie “feed me ma”. 305 more words


On Time-Outs, Bad Guys, and Saying "No"

There’s been a lot of talk in our house lately about good guys and bad guys. “What happens to the bad guys?” “Why are they bad?” These are the questions that keep my 3-year-old boy up at night. 653 more words

Mommy Brain

It makes me smole for a ling long time - A guide to fixing typing errors

“Not in a ling long time”

“ling long is longer than long”

“haha lol that’s awesome. I haven’t laughed that hard in a ling long time” 438 more words


I Live In A Fog of Exhaustion...

This is what I told my husband last night, after he said he wasn’t surprised with how many injuries I’ve had lately since, as he said, “you are always exhausted”.   509 more words


The Bourgeois Mommy Effect

Recently I decided to organize a diaper drive/bagel breakfast at my house to celebrate National Diaper Awareness week that is coming up, this September 8th-14th. I’m just an everyday, middle class mom who read… 1,332 more words

the things that go wrong

My wife and I got married two years ago, next Monday.  Our wedding was beautiful, memorable, and filled with love.  It was also at our house.   607 more words

Pregnancy Symptoms