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the things that go wrong

My wife and I got married two years ago, next Monday.  Our wedding was beautiful, memorable, and filled with love.  It was also at our house.   607 more words

Pregnancy Symptoms

Mommy Brain: The struggle is real

I had to use a calculator the other day. To figure out what 12 plus 9 was. I was paying bills (during the 10 minutes my baby, Riker, usually agrees to sleep in the crib before he wakes up crying like he’s being murdered by a serial killer named Icepick Ivan) and trying to figure out how much money we’d have left over for frivolous things such as food and industrial strength “wall poop remover.” And then suddenly, this basic arithmetic problem stopped me in my tracks. 752 more words


Parenting lesson #5: Mommy brain is real.

Forget actual scientific research.  I don’t care what (mostly male) researchers have to say about pregnancy or momnesia.  I am confident I can claim 100% matter-of-factly that “mommy brain” is a real ailment.   776 more words

Parenthood Laws

Got a Case of the Mondays

Am I the only one who just can’t seem to get it together today?

My morning was thrown off with a new email system (that I loathe) so everything was topsy-turvy. 223 more words

Bullet Journal Update

It’s been five months since I started using my bullet journal and now that I’ve been using the system for a while I thought I’d do a quick follow up on how it was working and share some pictures of how it has evolved. 1,468 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Pregnant Mommy Brain

To the tune of “Matchmaker” from The Fiddler on the Roof.

“Wipe snatcher, wipe snatcher, snatch me a wipe!
At least three or four,
My poops getting ripe! 184 more words


Mommy Brain - It's Not A Myth

I don’t know that anyone who’s met me recently would believe it, but I used to be smart. I mean, I got straight A’s in school and held down complex jobs full of multiple tasks and deadlines and I made it look easy. 445 more words