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Mind Organization for Moms (M.O.M.) Review & GIVEAWAY

I’ve never been a super organized person, but after I became a mother, things got really out of hand. Mommy brain and my new responsibilities as a mother hit me hard, and I constantly felt like I was spinning my wheels with to-do lists, emails, bills, mail, Pinterest-induced panic attacks, work, and OMG THE LAUNDRY! 768 more words

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Ever get that feeling you're being watched?

My son’s current favorite toy is a stuffed dog. A stuffed dog that talks. And sings. And lights up. And requests in a bit too perky of a voice that you hug it. 560 more words


I am absentminded

I am absentminded. There. I put it in writing for everyone to see. It’s not some terrible thing to cover up. it’s just one little part of a multidimensional me. 563 more words

Attempting to resuscitate.

It seems like a natural progression for me to start a blog, I believe writing is an art, and with art comes therapeutic relief. Therapeutic relief through writing right now is a welcome alternative to the stress relief solutions I’ve used in the past. 431 more words


Mommy Brain

Yep.  I said it.  Mommy Brain.  I do believe it’s a real thing.  And, not because I’ve done scientific research or because my doctor told me so.  744 more words


Hair Mishap - Just Let It Go

So, those of you with little girls will probably sympathize. At the end of a long day, you are getting ready for bed, are brushing your teeth, and then – whoops, you notice that you have one of your kids’ barrettes, bows, headbands, etc. 93 more words

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Mommy Brain

A while back I wrote a post titled “When Their Brains Turn Off”.  The post was about children and yet, as so often happens in my life, God humbled me with my own words. 923 more words

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