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The Twelve Days of Motherhood

To the tune of a beloved Christmas Carol, continuing my holiday themed ode to mommyhood. And just remember, all of the uncomfortable, gross and exhausting parts of motherhood always end with your darling little bundle of joy. 480 more words

Mom Guilt: The Ultimate Frenemy

It’s there when you go to bed at night (oh no, I forgot to make him brush his teeth, his teeth are going to rot out of his head and it’s ALL MY FAULT!). 997 more words

my afternoon

1. Get phone call from new OB/GYN (whom I love!) confirming appointment for tomorrow morning. 34 weeks!

2. Notice 2 voicemails from the weekend. One is from the plumber who is supposed to fix our sewer pipe, which has backed up twice in the last two months, apparently because it is cracked.   258 more words


'Twas the Night of Sickness

‘Twas the night of sickness, when all through our home
Every creature was crying, as the halls we roamed;
Medicine lay on the table with care, 450 more words

Mind Organization for Moms (M.O.M.) Review & GIVEAWAY

I’ve never been a super organized person, but after I became a mother, things got really out of hand. Mommy brain and my new responsibilities as a mother hit me hard, and I constantly felt like I was spinning my wheels with to-do lists, emails, bills, mail, Pinterest-induced panic attacks, work, and OMG THE LAUNDRY! 768 more words

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Ever get that feeling you're being watched?

My son’s current favorite toy is a stuffed dog. A stuffed dog that talks. And sings. And lights up. And requests in a bit too perky of a voice that you hug it. 560 more words


I am absentminded

I am absentminded. There. I put it in writing for everyone to see. It’s not some terrible thing to cover up. it’s just one little part of a multidimensional me. 563 more words