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Mommy Brain - It's Not A Myth

I don’t know that anyone who’s met me recently would believe it, but I used to be smart. I mean, I got straight A’s in school and held down complex jobs full of multiple tasks and deadlines and I made it look easy. 445 more words


Mommy Brain - Accidental Order

Dear Friends,

It is extremely possible to “accidentally” order something. How you may ask? Going in, creating the product you want, and clicking around trying to find where to enter a PROMO code… you click ~order~. 65 more words

How Chili Turned into Mini Meatloaves

Well it’s not like I made chili and then turned it into meatloaf… that’s just bizarre… but the day was peculiar and I don’t know where my mind was.  582 more words


Scrambled Mommy Brains

I used to pride myself on my multitasking skills in the workplace: I’d update a spreadsheet, check my e-mail, attend a conference call, install a software update, and water my office plant all at the same time! 413 more words

Blog Blah

I have been in a blog blah mood lately. Call it writers a funk. I have come and sat down at my computer with ideas to write about, but that moment when I begin to type, my mommy brain decided to stop functioning. 569 more words