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Mommy makeover Surgery overview

It’s true that becoming a mother is one of the incomparable gifts that you ever receive through out the life, but with becoming a mother there comes a big responsibility that changes your whole life including your whole body posture.  328 more words

Mommy Makeover

Get A Mommy Makeover To Feel Vibrant And Younger

It was so different 10 years ago, before your pregnancy, when your stomach was firm, your breasts were upright, your skin was glowing, your thighs and legs did not have veins. 334 more words

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To that girl in me

 #BAJA‘s Own “#Anne“…The strong willed girl who wanted to live her life to the fullest…who never let her focus shift…
YES , Slip in to this beautiful creation of #BAJA and take a walk down your memory lane…remember your dreams as a little girl…is’nt it time to get back to those and fulfill them for YOU… 34 more words

On Being Beautiful...

What do you think makes a person beautiful? Really truly beautiful…think about it for a minute. What is the first thing that comes to mind? The very first thing, you know the thing before we try to think of a more meaningful description of beauty. 993 more words

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