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I read something interesting today. It was titled “Are our kids more annoying to us than we were to our parents?” This blog post talked about social media, being glued to our phones and technology in general. 603 more words

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Thank you for this!

And especially THIS!


#MustTry #snacking

Tyler loves Takis and he found this at the Korean market.

He wanted to try and secretly I did to.

At Ralph’s I found this. 41 more words


@DisneyNature Bears! #mustwatch

I cannot wait to go watch this with my Bear and my other little Bear, Tyler!



As life would have it, a few days after I wrote my last post and finally came to terms that we would be staying in our current situation for awhile longer I got a call. 364 more words

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Wanted : An occasional workspace to get my stuff done without outside distractions. #MWorkLab

If you work from a home office, there is nothing more challenging than trying to get your stuff done when the kids are running amok. 208 more words

Mommy Stuff

Gwyneth Paltrow On Working Moms (was she always this insufferable?)

In general, I think it’s pretty weird when fans of celebrities, musicians or actors, think that they somehow know that person. Our fame-whore culture depends on this idea, that celebrities are their ‘real selves’ in interviews and that we, the fans, have access to them completely. 794 more words