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Be Gentle, Mama

Motherhood in this digital age is exhausting! We are surrounded by constant inadequacies in all that we do. You see the moms who seem to be able to create all these beautiful things on Pinterest. 641 more words


Dads can be judgy too

We’ve all heard about judgy mums. You know, the ones who have discovered the secret to perfect parenthood and are honour-bound to share it condescendingly with all in their immediate vicinity. 786 more words


Response to "Dear Stay-At-Home-Moms, Please Shut up".

Today this blog post has been popping up on my Facebook page. As a stay at home Mom, I tried to read it without getting defensive. 662 more words


The Parenting Judgement Train

This morning while riding an empty train to work, I had a moment of revelation. While watching the empty train cars ahead of me turn and twist along the track, I couldn’t help but notice how my own carriage felt perfectly stationary. 561 more words


On the "Mommy Wars": A Lesson in Graceful Defeat

For most of my parenting years, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. I worked for only the first year of my first child’s life. I’m one of the lucky ones. 1,175 more words


I use to be one of *those* lactivists

When I was in my very first phases of motherhood, I was one of them. I said formula was poison. I said that formula feeding mothers didn’t try hard enough and were lazy. 446 more words

It's Not a War, It's a Sisterhood

Like I’ve said before, I left the mommy wars.  I don’t think they really exist anywhere except on the internet and with a few crazies running around in real life anyway. 530 more words