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Dear Lonely Mom - You are Not Alone

I had a different, fun little piece ready to share, but when I opened my Facebook page my news feed was full of posts about Robin Williams’ suicide. 702 more words

Scruffy Mom Syndrome

A quick search online can show that a lot of men.. even women wonder why do women let themselves go after baby or marriage. Hell I wonder myself. 557 more words

A Stay-at-Home Dad Reports on the Mommy Wars

As a stay-at-home dad married to a working mom, I often have a front row seat at the unfortunately titled “Mommy Wars.” Strangely, I feel like a secret agent that identifies with both sides, though at different times. 756 more words

Comparing our Children

“I need to teach Jack the bible stories!” I said to myself as I left a playdate one afternoon. While the kids were playing in the sandbox, I overheard the other children talking about Jonah and the Whale. 370 more words

Faith & Encouragement

Robin Williams

I was so sad to hear just a few minutes ago about the death of Robin Williams. It is suspected he died of suicide following a long battle with depression. 614 more words

I Have Become "That Mom"

I have become that mom.

I’m the one who shows up over three hours late for school registration and endures the rolling eyes of parent volunteers who can’t imagine anything more important than standing in long lines to fill out identical information on eleven different forms – the same information, by the way, from the packet I sent back to school only a week late last year. 771 more words


Let's Be Okayest Together! Facebook page launch!

My dear readers,

My first facebook page is up and running! “Okayest Moms” on Facebook will be a community – not just stuff about me. Please join by clicking on the facebook “like” box. 139 more words

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