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Hi, I'm a Mom and I'm a Judgaholic

It pains me every time I read another blog post about how we need to stop judging other moms. Especially when the “Love more, judge less” piece is sandwiched between posts like “Why breastfeeding really is best” and “12 EASY ways to lose the baby weight.” 655 more words


Force Free Living

A friend of mine just posted to Facebook about reading to his little girl. He read her a Curious George book, in the voice of Yoda. 1,148 more words

7 Ways being a parent has made me a horrible friend

Ok, I’m not a horrible friend. But, I am definitely not as good a friend as I used to be. Before motherhood I was the girl you’d call at 2 a.m. 968 more words

What a mess: One mother's response to the latest mommy wars

I think I need to weigh in on the articles and blog posts that have been circulating in the latest round of the “mommy wars,”–whatever that is. 1,535 more words


Thank you so much for being an Asshole!- Said no one. Ever.

It started when I was pregnant with my first.

Pregnant and excited as a first time mom, I took to the internet to find various groups, pages, websites, and articles. 769 more words


My choices aren't the same as yours, and that's okay

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot of about different parenting styles, and the millions of choices that we have to make as parents on a daily basis.   1,233 more words

Parenting And WhatNot

Moms, It's Enough.

Ok, moms. We need to talk about the way we treat each other. Because I’ve kind of had enough and I’m guessing many of you have, too. 2,225 more words

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