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From Bento to Bento

The word bento is thrown around a lot.  I wanted to take the opportunity to look more deeply into Bento culture and examine how we have gotten from its traditional meaning to where we are today – and what we’ve learned along the way. 466 more words

Lunch Box Basics

Confession: I don't get "mommy wars"

I read a lot of blog posts and articles about “mommy wars.” To be honest, I never really understand. Maybe it’s because I have two feet firmly planted in the passive aggressive soil of the Midwest, where most mothers would rather get the chicken pox again than have a confrontation involving breasts. 473 more words

Faith Musings

The Grass Ain't Greener....

I don’t get the whole Mommy Wars thing. Life is tough enough to worry about being judged or judging other moms. Really.

When I think about my childhood, I believe I had a good life. 2,441 more words

Career + Finances

Preschool Daze

I’ve made peace with the fact that my kids will attend public school.  At least, I tell myself this, because it will happen.  We bought a house in a top-rated school district  to ensure it will happen.   561 more words

No Solution, Just a Sorry

A tweet I just read (altered the names):

“Johnny hardly ever watches TV.”
“Ugh, our nanny never turns it off! It’s like another babysitter!”
Raise your own damn kids, then. 174 more words


Things I Won't Do For My Kids

Welcome to Week 3 of the No Frills version of The Whatever Mom! Hope you are enjoying my personal insights into this parenting gig!

We had the luxury of going to dinner at two different restaurants this weekend. 1,286 more words

Be Gentle, Mama

Motherhood in this digital age is exhausting! We are surrounded by constant inadequacies in all that we do. You see the moms who seem to be able to create all these beautiful things on Pinterest. 641 more words