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Why do we insist on throwing rocks at each other?

Recently a friend posted an apology on Facebook.  I had not seen the original post, and so can’t comment on that.  But the subsequent apology caught my attention.   636 more words


10 days: the gift of a memory

If you haven’t picked up on my reluctance to let this year fly by, then apparently I’m hiding my anxiety pretty well. This is the Boy Wonder’s senior year of high school, and I am going into this whole thing kicking and screaming. 915 more words

Faith Family Football

If the "Mommy Wars" Were Real: Part 1

The Crunchy Mama vs. The Tiger Mom

Round 1: Tiger Mom points out that her child is proficient in three languages, knows martial arts, and has already been accepted to two different Ivy League colleges….in the 5th grade. 147 more words

Me and my tits

So, breastfeeding has become something of an obsession in American parenting discourse lately, and as a NICU nurse, I’m professionally at Ground Zero. And when I found that I would be unable to breastfeed my kids either at breast or by pump, I found out what it was to be a less-than parent in the public’s eyes. 164 more words

Mommy Wars

The Real Reason We Didn't Circumcise

This isn’t a preachy post. I don’t care if you circumcised your son or not. I don’t believe it’s genital mutilation. For some time, it was an extremely common practice for newborn boys. 476 more words


Leave the Elf Mommies Alone

In recent years a most polarizing phenomenon has swept this nation. It seems fairly innocent at first, but I assure you it is not. When you spend a few minutes thinking about it, you may begin to ask yourself some interesting moral questions. 954 more words

Other Thoughts

Mommy Wars: Money Edition

Parents, especially moms seem to love judging other parents for what they’re doing wrong. I pride myself on being open minded to other ways of doing things even if id never do things that way myself. 486 more words