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Rejoicing Barbarians and the Renunciation of Mommy Wars

Children are uncivilized.

Ask me how I know, I dare you. I could, perhaps, tell you a story of a tube of toothpaste emptied down the back of a sisters shorts because she “wasn’t wiping well enough”. 574 more words

Thoughts On Life

Life Lessons from Green Mush

As I filled a spoon full of mashed peas, sweet potato, and apple, I could almost see it all happen in slow motion. I brought the spoon to her mouth only to be welcomed by chubby hands and a death grip that created a green masterpiece all over our clothes and the dinner table. 835 more words


Truce for the Mommy Wars

Have you ever found yourself in the crossfire of the Mommy Wars? Whether it is the battle of the stay-at-home moms versus working moms, formula moms versus breastfeeding moms, disposable diapering moms versus cloth-diapering moms (or any other dispute you can think of), chances are you’ve read something about this ongoing battle. 620 more words

The nasty habit that keeps moms outside the village.

By Angelica Shiels Psy.D.

So yesterday, while sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, I gave my two-year old three lollipops in a row.  1,275 more words

My Parenting is Not a Judgment of Yours

Amy Brown is the brilliant mind behind Zen Parenting.  She is a mother, wife, former teacher and law enforcement, activist, and also happens to be my mentor and friend.  483 more words

Attachment Parenting

Homeschooling & the Mommy Wars: What I Wish We Were Saying

One great thing about having a blog is when you have thoughts running around in your head at 1 am, you can dump them out on a “page” and then leave them there until the morning (well, later in the morning anyway). 434 more words


It’s Time to Eat My Words: My Son is Going to Preschool

Yes, the mom who got her fifteen minutes of fame one year ago from an article she wrote entitled “Benign Neglect: A Case Against Preschool” 460 more words