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Um excuse me.....

I love connecting with other moms, don’t get me wrong….I’m so glad that my kiddo’s classroom this year seems to be a bunch of level headed parents, who want what is best for their kids. 725 more words


Does The So Called "Mommy Wars" Exist


Friday night I watched this great video on facebook. The video shows the different choices mothers make and how we label mothers according to those choices but really at the end of the day we are all just parents doing our best, whatever our beliefs. 470 more words

That Similac Ad: A rebuttal of sorts.

I know everyone on earth has seen it, laughed at it, cried because of it and inevitable got into some debate from it. I’m not going to get into the psychology of the ad itself as it’s been discussed ad nauseam. 411 more words


Mommy Wars

Similac’s new ad campaign is hilarious, poignant, and in my opinion spot on.

Since I stopped working (outside of the home that is, calm down) and started socializing more with other moms, I have learned that “mommy wars” is a true story. 17 more words


I'm not defined by the choices I make - a blog for the Mommy Wars.

I came across this video and felt pretty compelled to write about it.

I’ve been a mom for four years. Our family has quickly grown from a family of three to four and to now five over the past four years. 802 more words

Why I'm Grateful for the Feminist Message, Even Though I'm a Stay-at-Home Mom

Once upon a time, I used to put words into the mouths of famous politicians, thinkers, and athletes. Literally. I wrote their speeches, and they spoke the words that I put on the paper. 742 more words


I’ve been reading through a book (free download if you care to join me) and while my views on it are still being shaped, I ran into this little nugget. 35 more words