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My bestie ❤︎

사랑하는 우리 큰딸.

3살밖에 안됐지만 아미아가 생긴이후로 곧잘 심부름도 잘하고 말도 부쩍늘어 너무 이뻐.

아미아가 태어나서부터 아리아에게 소홀히 대하고 혼만 낸것 같아 너무 미안하고 마음이 아프구나.

내가 화나있음 쪼로로 달려와 볼에 뽀뽀해주고 가는너.

이 못난 엄마는 아리아에게 사랑을 주기보단  사랑을 받는것 같아.

많이 많이 사랑해. 그리고 고마워. 내 딸로 태어나줘서…. 


National Breastfeeding Month

So since August is National Breastfeeding month I figured it’s only natural I share my experience with breastfeeding.

With my first Jonathan, I did not even attempt to breastfeed.   639 more words

Words you wish they wouldn't learn...




Oh, dear. She’s learned those words. She’s learning quickly how best to use them, too.

The other day, her grandma bought her a… 567 more words


"Whole day never do anything but so busy."

I guess only parent(s) who stay home to look after baby will understand what this sentence means (credit to Mdm Chong). Of course, I’m thankful that there’s someone who sorts out my meals, so this may not apply to parents who cook. 361 more words



I suppose I have always found the idea of a blog as silly. I use to keep a diary as a child, I think I would put those two… 199 more words


Changes to the Pregnant Body

In my recent studies I have come across some very basic academic material that I feel is highly stimulating!

As you can see, a bun in the oven changes a mama’s insides a bit; The lungs, stomach, and bladder being the most affected by baby’s forming in the uterus. 283 more words

Eight Ways Life Improves After Having Kids

I was watching some Seth Rogan movie with my husband the other day when I got the idea for this blog post.  Honestly, I can’t recall the name of the film, but it was one of those movies where he plays the typical role of the endearing idiot, and by the end he’s become Zany Dad of the Year or something. 1,060 more words