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Xavier Dolan (2014)

La pire chose qu’on puisse faire à un enfant malade, c’est se croire, ou le croire invincible. C’est pas parce qu’on aime quelqu’un qu’on peut le sauver.

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Daily Randomness

I am writing a DAILY RANDOMNESS post after so many days that i don’t even remember how i used to write it. Oh well, i guess, it supposed to be RANDOM. 212 more words


Confessions of a baby beluga

So if you know me personally you know that I have busted my ass the last 28 months to lose weight and get my ass in shape. 562 more words


Family Friday: It's so Cool When...

My sweet Mr. Man has learned something new over the past few weeks…and it’s the coolest thing ever!

He’s learned to give baby kisses! Very wet…but super sweet! 125 more words


How my Husband and I have Helped our Son Cope with Acid Reflux.

When my son was born on July 29th our lives changed and the best thing to ever happen to me was right there in my arms only after nine hours of labor and then a decision to have a c-section. 1,855 more words


There's a first for everything.


Your first tooth broke gum Wednesday.  I was relieved that finally after weeks of saying you were teething we had something to show for it!   275 more words


A Romance With T Shirts

I don’t know what it was but as soon as I got pregnant I could only be found in T-shirts and bottoms made of the softest cottons…yes pajamas! 615 more words