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Mother's Day Cookie Set

What better way to tell your Mom she is sweet than by giving her a custom Cookie Set from CakeItEasy! #cookies #mom #mothersday

Our first Easter as a family

Here are some pictures we took at the park today for Easter with our little family. We hired a photographer to take better ones but these were taken with my phone :) 6 more words


30 days of patience

I just wrote this blog, and somehow it got deleted. I at least got to test my new idea! My idea is this , to have a constant reminder on how to get myself to be a better mother and person overall. 347 more words

Flannery's Pub Run 1/2 marathon #39/#7

“Remember to run with your head, heart and personality, but don’t forget to smile and inspire.” -me

Today’s run I thought would be a disaster after my awful hotel that kept me up. 252 more words

a to z: q is for quiet time

Shh… we’re having quiet time. Quiet time is something we developed in our household for times when we parents elect quiet time for the kiddos instead of naps so the kiddos can be put to bed earlier. 126 more words


The art of being meaningful is hard. It takes intentionality and a constant look inward at the value behind action. It takes patience and reflection. It takes work.

252 more words