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The Choice Every Mother Makes

This short story was two years in the making. I dedicate in now to my mother, who chose four times.

So pleased was the Lord with His creation, which he called Man, that He bestowed upon him gifts of the most wondrous kinds. 780 more words


Judge Me Not

I have a kid. I am a mom.

Which means,no matter how well meaning you are, unless I ASK for advice…Shut up. Please. My insecurities are enough without the added stress of your opinion and advice,especially if you don’t actually have kids. 624 more words


September 16, 2014

“Mommy, does Santa ever sleep?”
“Does he have a bed?”
“I’m sure he has a comfy bed.”
“And a blanket? Does he have a warm blanket?” 26 more words

September 15. 2014

I nearly forgot!

*Last night, going into the restaurant for dinner, Is sees a motorcycle parked out front*

“Mommy! Look at that bicycle! WOW!”

September 15, 2014

*We were a few minutes early dropping Is off for school today*

“Mommy! Can you let me out so I can jump around?”
“My body says to jump around.” 35 more words

Sundaes on Sunday

We usually have a pretty lazy day when it comes to Sunday’s. Just sit at home in our jammie’s all day watching movies and sports. We munch on whatever is in the house and have an easy dinner. 153 more words


Morning Manipulatives

Ever since I’ve come home from Minnesota, its been an absolute whirlwind with my mind and body going a mile a minute for all things homeschooling.   380 more words

Mini Music Man