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I love my class. I love my coworkers. I love how my job is like a big community. I love how Livia’s teachers are like her second family. 181 more words


Liza's Baby Room

Liza’s room was inspired by vintage children’s records found in a thrift store. ¬†From there it turned into such an amazing, whimsical, vintage storybook kind of place. 152 more words


Free the Boob! Let the Milk Flow!

I have been trying to avoid blogging on mommyhood topics in which I have yet to experience with my own child who’s dues in the next 2 weeks. 579 more words


365 days of life with him - Happy Birthday, Son!

Son is 1 today. 1. Wow.
Since July 28th, 2013 – I have been counting down to this day. Every time someone asked me how old he was, I would proudly answer “8 weeks”… “6 and a half months”… but today, the idea of saying “he’s 1″ breaks my heart a little. 184 more words

Inner Thoughts

How to make your child help you in household chores?

This incident happened when my daughter was just over 1 year. While I was playing with her, I asked her to put a toy in her cupboard. 519 more words

Child And I

Weekend duties and movies

Weekends are extensions of work. :D It’s a time to wash laundry, clean the house, spend time with little Maia, and watch some movies.

Having a kid to look after makes it hard to go to the movies. 83 more words


...and then they were ONE. An open letters to my boys.

Note – My boys’ birthday was yesterday and I shared this letter via Facebook yesterday and wanted to share it here! I was overwhelmed by the responses I received, because most of what my boys went through I kept private (with the exception of this blog, which I don’t share with my friends or family) so people were really surprised by all of it. 1,912 more words