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We survived our first BABY FREE trip!

So my husband and I DID end up going away to celebrate our five year anniversary. Thanks to everyone that encouraged us to continue to so even when… 705 more words


Thinking good thoughts. We need good thoughts.

Hi Emily,


We’ve noticed over the last week or so that your right arm and hand don’t move correctly. When you go to reach to grab a toy we hold out, it’s almost like they turn backwards and you have to re-adjust yourself to grab the object.   388 more words


SMART PARENTING: Being A Single/Solo Parent

Once a mom, will always be a mom; whether with or without a partner in life. Motherhood will always come with different challenges.

Whether you have a partner in life, or your partner left you or vice versa, you really don’t need to be bitter or sad because being a… 509 more words

Young Mommyhood

Balm for the Rug Burned Soul

My husband was sick on Monday.

A normal Monday in our house equates to a day of slight reprieve for Mommy aka me. It’s my husband’s day off and it’s turned into a family day of sorts, mixed in with some organizational prep for the upcoming week and some tutoring I do on the side. 415 more words

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Poor Sick Baby

My poor guy has been struggling with scaly skin that was red, scaly, and itchy.  I thought it was just cradle cap and we kept giving him a bath and scrubbing it, waiting for it to resolve.   369 more words


Wake up!

Within the past year I have become involved with learning about human trafficking. I have been moved to learn more and somehow get involved either before I finish school or during…so when I came across this article by Huffpost Women, I wanted to share…this is an ugly problem society often ignores…it’s time we wake up. 12 more words


"Like Netflix, But For Books"

Hahahahahaha awww, I actually am a huge fan of these types of accounts. I don’t know how I feel about the Amazon one, though. I’m probably overthinking it and it’s probably the same as the others, but I think Prime members should have it for free (that was totally not a biased statement, even if I am a Prime member). 439 more words