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This morning,

as we slept and my daughter played quietly as instructed,

she heard the baby start to stir in his room.
Instead of waking us, she went in there, used a stool to turn on his light, 32 more words


Put the phone and ipad down…relax like this is the 80s!

What do you do when you need to relax?  Do you go sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, or do you sit outside and instantly pick up your phone or ipad?   168 more words


Sleep Training Trials: Daddy Knows Best

This is really several stories in one. It’s the story of how sleep training became the bane of my son’s and my existence, the story of how my husband Josh let parental instinct guide his parenting method and rescue our family, and how he reminded me that we decided to raise our son that fits our lifestyle, rather than letting the status quo dictate how we do what needs to be done. 2,136 more words


No, I'm not done blogging!

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post. Since then I’ve been trying to wrap up my second to last semester in college, planning Deuce’s first birthday party (OMG), and since my husband is FINALLY home I’ve been doing just that trying to make our home feel homey! 96 more words


Liam the Barbarian

My son is what Freud might consider barbaric. He is 8 months soon to be 9, and he is into everything. Holds no boundaries. He’s uncivilized. 590 more words

This thing that happens.

There’s this thing that happens with your dear mommy friends.

You have babies and you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, so you lean on each other. 264 more words


My "Not So Little" Little Man

I took these photos just after Wyatt turned 9 months… he is now almost 10 months!  I am in disbelief.

He was such a good boy — really he always is — for these photos.   114 more words