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shit my kids say

Reason #87 why I want to feed my kids to the bears at the zoo on, pretty much, any given day.

I get home from taking my daughter’s Pug on a walk this morning. 716 more words


Parenting by the book

Once I told people I was pregnant, I recall being told to get “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (WTEWYE) and my response was always “no thanks.” You wouldn’t (or at least I didn’t) expect to see so much bewilderment at my refusal to read about pregnancy and newborns. 447 more words

Obsession: Bio Oil

When I was in my first trimester of my first pregnancy, I read an article where a supermodel swore by Bio Oil to keep her stretch mark free. 151 more words

Babies & Mommas

A Chat with Sylvie!

A Chat with Sylvie (Sylvie di Giusto that is!)

by Sharon Williams

Real Beauty A to Z

I was recently presented with a wonderful opportunity to spend an hour chatting with… 2,338 more words

Babies, time, etc.

I want, really want, to want a baby. Not now, of course, but someday, foreseeably. It’s just not adding up for me, though, and I blame the way we’re all talking about motherhood these days (and it’s worth noting here that there is a specific sacrifice and martyrdom injected into motherhood that simply isn’t attached to fatherhood in the same way — you know there is). 441 more words

It Cost How Much?

My wife’s grandmother loves to host family gatherings. Periodically she will prepare large meals, and family members come from all over to simply partake of good food and great company. 1,401 more words


As we begin...

Assalam alaykum beautiful people out there! May the peace and blessings of Allah continue to dwell in your hearts and homes mashaa Allah, Amin.

Being a woman in today’s world is wonderful, as well as challenging. 140 more words