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2 trips to St. George, UT with a baby child

Okay, so remember that one time when I said I was going to travel all of the time with a baby. Turns out it’s a tiny bit harder to get up and go than one would expect. 486 more words


Mom…We Can Do It.

What does it take to be considered a “successful woman”? Money? Power? A promising future? A loving family? A great group of friends?…. The real answer? 266 more words



This is me after my transformation and continuing journey. I don’t have to sit ever again! I can climb to the top of the jungle gym and play with my children. 13 more words

Dinner Theatre.

The other night, while we were sitting at the dinner table, two pretty funny things happened that I didn’t want to forget.

Immediately after dinner, Daughter Number Two has started to assume “the position”.  298 more words

Great Way to Teach Children about Income and Expenses

Moms are the best and I love it when they teach life skills in a fun way. Check out how one mom is teaching children about money while making it a fun project. 26 more words

Rediscovering My Love Of Motherhood Through Photography

Being a mom, is the most REWARDING and Amazing thing that I could be a part of.  I am so thankful for all my 5 healthy children.   358 more words


Shedding Thorns

She nourished her garden with passion
Though as a flower herself
Was not let to blossom
Embodied with love seemed as she had bathed in it forever… 144 more words