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Mona Hatoum - Performance Still 1995

Photograph, gelatin silver print on paper mounted on aluminium

In light of current human inflicted atrocities that are taking place around the globe, I decided to highlight a print created by Palestinian/Lebanese sculptor, Illustrator and performance artist Mona Hatoum. 362 more words

Fostering Creativity and design thinking

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to be joined at the Lebanese American University by Mona Hatoum, Caroline Simonelli, Hilary Alexander and Esen Karol, who all came together to talk about their respective experiences in their fields. 159 more words


Foucauldian analysis of Mona Hatoum’s art presented by Jaleh Mansoor: The discursive nature of power in “Keffieh”

A simple grid-like fabric lies on a horizontal vitrine in the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition “Without Boundary”. This grid contains the intersectional lines typically found in its aptly named title, “Keffieh”. 1,602 more words



“The sea and the sky are a way of packaging ‘the world’ as a totalized image,

as a picture of completeness, as a field constituted by the logic of its own frame. 1,508 more words

Crítica De Arte

Art at the Tate Britain and a lesson in ageism

I took time out from a conference in London this week to pay my first ever visit to the Tate Britain. I only had an hour so I really only grazed the surface, but this time frame and the fact it was free, enabled me to wander round without feeling that I had to look at everything but rather I could just glance at things and look at the art that particularly grabbed my attention. 715 more words