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Monarch Butterfly-To-Be

It seems as though this has been a long process.  So amazing!  Today I can see Monarch butterfly wings in one of the cocoons in our yard. 35 more words


Raising Monarch Butterflies

I am trying out using Pages in WordPress by documenting the life of a Monarch caterpillar, but I am a bit dubious about whether this is the best way to do it. 148 more words

Interesting Stuff

Monarch Caterpillar

One of my babies, who is ready to find a place to cocoon. It is not unusual for a caterpillar to leave the host plant and find a sturdier place to cocoon

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars

Just a brief update.  The original milkweed plant has been stripped bare and yesterday all the caterpillars abandoned the plant.  They were moving very fast, they were on the ground, or the fence, or on neighboring plants, looking for FOOD.  91 more words


Ladybugs vs Aphids

Today I was finally able to get some ladybugs for the yard.  My milkweed plant has aphids, I battle them every day and hoped that the ladybugs would help me with this.  160 more words