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Athens, the Athens Riviera and Cape Sounioun

Once back in Athens, we had the chance to see some more of this amazing city.

We found a local gourmet chocolate shop named ‘Fresh’, with a full size chocolate horse in the window! 906 more words

Greece! Greece!! Greece!!!

Ok, I’ve made up my mind! I am Grecian! Okay, Nigerian-Grecian and there is nothing physical about it, it is a mind thing! I loved Greece, so much, I have to blog about it in 2 parts, maybe 3! 896 more words


Athens. Monastiraki

Photo by Andriani Douligeri

That One Time at the Museum

I was reading an article the other day about the science of dread, about the human urge to feel anxious about any event set aside on the calendar as it slowly approaches, regardless of whether it marks a positive or a negative occasion. 570 more words

Athens - reflections on a first visit many years ago

In October this year I will be returning to Athens, a city I lived in for four very happy years in the 1980s, for this year’s… 564 more words


Sightseeing, safe and sound!


Good news for the thousands of tourists visiting the Acropolis of Athens every year!

There is a doctor available on site in order to assist if needed! 76 more words

Getting Around

Strolling in Athens

The Plaka and Monastiraki neighborhoods in Athens have their own characteristic air. There are lots of cafes and restaurants where  one can spend hours over a tall glass of chilled frappe or fill themselves up with the delicious local cuisine. 102 more words

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