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Monday's Meal!

Every Monday I usually prep food for lunches for the entire week at work. Monday’s I generally get take out food at work becuase you know, it is Monday so it is something small to make it less terrible. 157 more words

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Meals of the Week - Ham, Tomato and Cheese Grilled Sandwiches

Well this week I could not decided which days to have which meals so this is what we are having in some order but for sure we will be having our modified Easter meal on Sunday. 353 more words

Monday Meals

Meals on Monday - Sweet and Sour Pork

Hello! I surprised myself with being done with our meal plan and shopping list in like 10 minutes this week, well I guess it helped that Mr. 358 more words

Monday Meals

Meals of the Week - Meatball Subs

After being on vacation meal planning is just so hard, the cupboards and fridge are bare on purpose giving you not much to work with and I am just dreaming of those giant pizzas I blogged about yesterday. 300 more words

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Meals of the Week - Amerikansk Spaghetti and Meatballs

Hello and Happy Monday! This is an easy meal planning week for me since we had some goodies in the box from my grandparents last week that I can make meals around! 343 more words

Monday Meals

Meals of The Week - Mince and Potato Gratin

Hello! This week I actually have a meal plan on Sunday which is rare. Since this week is the last one for Mr. H doing his school time at the hospital so it is not a full week of meals since we are leaving the weekend plans open for celebrating! 302 more words

Monday Meals

Monday Mince

Who grew up with ‘Monday Mince’ (MM)?

I hate to say it….but I did – and it has stuck! I often feel that I am my worst nightmare – but if it works, well then “Don’t fix it!” right? 483 more words

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