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Can I get an AMEN?

“Amen” literally translated means, “so be it.”

There are so many times I have “laughed at”, “liked,” or said, “amen” to something that when it really comes down to it, I don’t believe in.

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Crystal Sheren

Monday Musings: Childhood Favs

Regardless of how old we are, it seems that we all have certain childhood touchstones that make us smile whenever we think of them. They can be books, games, and movies; family meals and memories; or any number of things. 519 more words


Monday Musings | Going into Books "Blind"

I’m the type of person who usually has to know a movie or a book’s synopsis before I commit to watching or reading it. I’m not sure why this habit formed (maybe because I’ve wasted too much time watching boring and/or bad movies?) but it’s a… … 243 more words


My Little Assholes.

I am sitting here staring at a blank page and not quite knowing where to start or even what to say. When you have a child the doctors don’t hand you your bundle of joy and an instruction manual on what to do during the moments there after. 413 more words

The Mommy Life

Monday Musings

Here I go again. Another attempt at blogging. I say this time will be different, and I will keep up with it, but only time will tell. 470 more words


Two More Weeks of Summer

It is hard to believe that two weeks from today, school will start back for Ian.  My the summer has flown by. But it’s not over yet!  534 more words