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Kick Out At Nitro! - 10/9/1995

Welcome back everyone to anther episode of Kick Out At Nitro!  This time, WCW comes to us live from the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, IL.  We start off with a quick replay of the Kevin Sullivan attack on Hulk Hogan from last week.   3,248 more words

Shane D

Monday Nitro - January 8th, 2001 - Caliber

It’s the swerve of the century! AH HA! I told you guys we’d NEVER, EVER cover any WCW past 2000, and you fell for it! All of you! 1,663 more words

Monday Nitro

Kick Out At Nitro! - 9/18/1995

Welcome, everyone, to this week’s second installment of Kick Out At Nitro!  Shane here, continuing on my journey through WCW, starting with 9/4/1995 and continuing on until the final episode in 2001, bringing you reviews, reminiscing and a look back at Nitro and Pay Per Views from the days of yore. 2,918 more words

Shane D