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30 Questions that will make me quit my job and start traveling

Ok, I don’t have a “real job” right now, but lately, Im on a state of mind of starting to do what i really feel passionate about for, of let go my fears and conventions, and mostly important: realize is better to start doing what makes me happy instead what is “the right thing to do” while I am at my middle 20’s something, after all that’s one of the things that… 811 more words

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Daily Post: Days Off: Day 1 of 2

Well, it’s the first of two days off and so far I have done… NOTHING… I caught up with last night’s episodes… I watched a lot of Criminal Minds… I slept on and off… 86 more words

Lady Complainer

Daily Post: Back to work: Day 1 of 7

It’s Monday people!!!

I worked this morning and now it’s time to just… relax… Hubby will be home very shortly! I bought a new case for my phone and tomorrow it will be here!! 61 more words

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