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Rain and Camp Nano


I almost didn’t write this today, since I forgot for most of the day, but then I was like “No! You tell people that you’ll post on Monday, then you don’t, ’cause you’re lazy? 283 more words

Happy Monday!

It’s been a little over a week since my last post. I’ve been working on the movie review and reading movie reviews for different films to get a gist of how one is supposed to be written. 159 more words


Internet troubles


Look at that. I’m late again.

Apparently, my computer doesn’t like connecting to the internet when it’s in my room. I finally moved it, and it seems to be connecting just fine now. 349 more words



I have no excuses for being late. Well…I do, there’s just no real point to them =P

Last weekend, one of my very close friends was able to come and stay for a few days, and it was great. 169 more words

The Monday Post, Vol. 47 -- Living Small!

As I’ve alluded to in the past, I’ve been interested in “living small” for some time, following “tiny house” blogs, small apartment blogs and also a great blog on all aspects of streamlined living, … 340 more words

The Monday Post

Monday Motivation: Keep ticking off that list...

No better time to start than today – and if ain’t completed on time or don’t get around to making it happen? Then have another go tomorrow. 8 more words


The Monday Post, Vol. 46 -- Settling In!

Moving is something I’ve done more than three dozen times in my life (including local moves), but it’s not my favorite activity by far, and this time was no exception. 462 more words