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Motivation Monday: The Dog Ate My Homework Edition

I’m up! I’mupI’mupI’mup…I’m awake…
Where is everyone…?

Where am I…?

Crap…missed it again…

Okay, the last thing I remember, it was Monday and I thought it would be a really cool idea to make a nice graphic in honor of… 284 more words

A Case of the Mondays


Monday is the day after Sunday. The first day back at work. The first day counting down until the weekend.

No one likes them. No one says, “Hey, I’m excited that today is Monday!” unless, of course Monday is a holiday, like Memorial or Labor days. 319 more words


100 Days of Happiness {day 49} - Exercise and Improvisation

I went for a run on Monday, which I enjoyed, but probably the best thing was my trumpet lesson. I was doing jazz improvisation again, and it was awesome :) I also had a homemade chicken caesar salad for lunch, which was amaaaazing. 49 more words

A Teen Philosophy

### Abc Monday Night Football

Abc Monday Night Football

Abc Monday Night Football. If you looking for Abc Monday Night Football. For more details of Abc Monday Night Football, please follow the link below. 48 more words

INTRODUCING #MasterpieceMondays

I’m starting a series to be posted, hopefully, every Monday. Each post will focus on a ‘thread’ in our lives. The threads represent our backgrounds, talents, perfections, imperfections, our ethnicities, our hurts, failures and successes etc. 33 more words