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Monday Music

Happy first day of school. Let’s try to make a better world, shall we?

Make Peter proud today. For the kids of Ferguson, MO, for the Jackie Robinson West kids and their families, for everyone with grief this morning, and everyone with joy…teach somebody something today, huh?


When words fail

I caught the end of The Music Show’s interview with the chief conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, David Robertson, on Saturday. He was describing the importance of music for people who are ill or depressed.  403 more words


Monday music: The politics and polyphonies of Gabon

Can I interest anyone in Gabon? Republique du Gabon … anyone? Anyone?

Now that I’ve got your attention, I hope, with the jungley and surprisingly latinesque rhythms of Pierre Akendengue, I’ll hazard a guess that, unless you are from that part of the world yourself, you don’t know much about Gabon. 953 more words


Monday Music: Troubled times

I’ve been hearing too much bad news lately. Some of it on the other side of the world — Gaza, ebola, MH17 — some of it closer to home. 31 more words


Monday music: Digging for Afro Funk

I recently discovered a new phenomenon: digging for vinyl. Vinyl record collectors travel the world looking for special albums mouldering away in people’s sheds, homes, garages. 409 more words


Monday Music: Eid Mubarak

Today my Muslim friends are celebrating the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting.

I would normally do a special post to mark this event, and share some of the many wonderful Muslim musicians; but I’m recuperating after more than a week of intense activity at the International AIDS Conference and associated events … so I’m just going to point you to two of my previous posts that are relevant to spirituality. 27 more words