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Knock off the Scarlett O'Hara act

“Well now, you seem a little detached tonight, you goofy Wolf.  How was your Tuesday?”

“Tuesday?  Is it Tuesday?  I thought it was Monday.”

“You took Monday off, you idiot.  395 more words


Monday Madness & The In Betweens

I missed a couple of weekly posts that I normally do:

What I’m Wearing Wednesday – I’ve realized that every Wednesday I pull out the exact same outfit. 218 more words

Monday Madness

Marvelous Mondays

Living essentially out of a suitcase for the past five years, I never really thought of myself as someone who has a routine.  But, I am.   772 more words

Tagged! Virtual Blog Tour

Self has a lot of catching up to do with regards to honoring the lovely Rashaan Alexis-Meneses’ tagging of Kanlaon for the Virtual Blog Tour. 354 more words

Artists And Writers

Carrot Juice: my cure for Mondays

I can’t understand how a juice can consist of such perfection In the ruthless Phoenix sun, carrot juice has become my salvation. From the juice of such a dry vegetable–it can be quite refreshing. 350 more words

The List in Self's "The Secret Room" (CAFE IRREAL, Issue # 50)

Self has long pondered the difference between science fiction, speculative fiction, fairy tales, myths, horror stories and the “irreal.”  The other day, she decided to go through the… 371 more words


day 209/july 28, 2014

An early breakfast with this guy before heading out for another week of work. I’m glad I get to start the week out this way though!