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Washing Dishes is Less Painful Now

The relationship between me and dish-washing has grown a lot in the last few years. When I was 5-6 years younger, washing dishes was a rare occurrence that was thrown in my face occasionally after dinner. 430 more words


my weekly intentions (today is my monday)

I really want to begin to start every Monday off in a positive light and to not dwell on the week before. Sometimes I am so good at doing this but other times I might have had a few too many drinks over the weekend and beat myself up for it or I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted during the week or sometimes I worry about how I might have spent too much money with my son, family or friends.   620 more words


Mondays are known as the day nobody likes. If monday was a person, it would have no friends, no family and no soul. My monday was beyond unusual today. 317 more words


monday irascibility

smack that snooze
stumble and thump over that heap
unshut those lids

forget the brush to shine
ditch decontamination
squirm and weave into some threads… 15 more words


One Day

Mornings suuuuuuuck. I used to be a morning person but this whole parenting gig changed that preference real quick. I do miss the mornings though. Everything is fresh, has a nice warm tone to it and is so much quieter to me. 336 more words