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Monday Blues

(Monday me)

Mondays seem to be the least favorite day of the week for many; it’s the end to a fun and relaxing weekend and the start of a busy, work-filled five days. 270 more words


Burnside burning

It’s the time of night in Portland where fingerless glove fumble with torches to light a single flame of a cigarette
Where neon lights argue on shadows outside of mcdonalds parking lots… 50 more words


"I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours."-Jerome K. Jerome

A quick post before I call it a day. I am dog tired. Monday lived up to its name of being a sordid day. Some snippets of the day: 120 more words


Quote of the Day: Governor Jerry Brown

Hallelujah! A quote that is not “Mockingjay”-related!

This one’s about the budget. Specifically, about the California state budget (It’s been soooo long since self has posted anything about the state budget, but indeed it matters greatly). 156 more words


Mythbusting Monday: No Salt at the table is enough

Myth: Avoiding adding salt at the table is the best way to reduce my sodium intake.

Reality:┬áSodium intake from salt added at the table is only 5% of the average Canadian’s sodium intake. 299 more words

5/15 Rule

Mega Monday: Thanksgiving Break

Hey guys I hope you had an amazing first day of break!

First I just want to apologize to you guys for posting really late,I completely forgot today was Monday because today’s the first official day of thanksgivings ┬ábreak for me.all day I’ve been preparing for my flight for New York which is tomorrow morning. 57 more words

Magnificent Mondays #1

Well, it’s Monday. Does anyone really like Mondays? Back to work, long week ahead until the weekend, and more.

Starting now, every Monday will feature a pick-me-up happy go lucky make the day all better song! 30 more words