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Peer to Peer Economics

Consider the following two articles about some growing disruptive trends, which we should all be at least slightly familiar with in our everyday lives;

We must unleash the sharing economy to help drive living standards… 76 more words

Monetary System

porco cane

Today I went with my wife and our dog Zwiebel to an isolated beach in Morjim for a photo shoot. It was the first time we didn’t take our dog on a line. 233 more words

The Possibilities of Love

Have you ever wondered about the possibilities of love? The potential inside of us all is infinite, except this society is moulding people into non-compassionate humans. 601 more words



Today I came across a signboard which drew my attention.  As you can see, at the right side some of the text is missing which made me think, … 114 more words

Why we shouldn't have sound money...

Far be it for this blog to refrain from shedding light on the opposing camps’ views on all things monetary, paper-based and sound. As the UK Parliament have just recently debated the issue of money creation by commercial banks, here is one broadsheets view on why we should retain the status quo…. 267 more words

Fiat Money

The Reality of Money

A four and a half hour long audio presentation by G. Edward Griffin on the history of money and it’s present mechanics.


Remember, Remember the 5th of November 2014 - Jedis, bankers, politicians and shadow work


Do not worry, by the end of this article I take responsibility for myself rather than pointing the finger at bankers and politicians, “the benefit of all” becomes the focus and priority. 1,429 more words