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MaidSafe the new internet

Imagine if bit-coin was invented the same time the internet was. Stop imagining. It’s about to happen in the next few months.


Banco Espirito Santo nationalised, debts jetisoned

Portugal’s largest bank has been bought by the government after toxic debts were discovered. Rather than stupidly bailing out the speculators and banking executives, the bank has been divided into two parts, the good part with all the assets, and the bad part with all the toxic debts for all the shareholders and speculators. 78 more words

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Argentina flips the bird to the vultures

Argentina, arguably the most resource rich country in South America has been plagued by foreign finance manipulation for generations and has finally flipped the bird, describing these investment funds as vulture funds and simply refused to pay.


Making News: New Marketwatch Column Exposes Hollow Foreign Kvetching About the Dollar

You may have noticed that complaints have been mounting lately from foreign investors, and especially governments, about all the unfair advantages the U.S. economy supposedly reaps from the dollar’s status as the world’s key currency — and about all the costs they pay and risks they run due to their consequent reliance on the dollar for raising capital and buying imports. 177 more words

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End The Fed Rallies Are Spreading Like Wildfire

 Starting in Berlin about two  months  ago, huge Anti-war and   End the Fed rallies have begun to spread all over Germany and the rest of Europe. 265 more words

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Wiped off the map by an unnatural disaster

Natural disasters can wipe out towns, even cities and thanks to technology we can view this from a distance and perhaps connect with the deeply distressing images of destruction. 521 more words


Essential Viewing If You Give A Shit About The Way Things Are

The Corbett Report – Century Of Enslavement: The History Of The Federal Reserve

I will be watching this well-made documentary again when I am more fully awake….

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