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Making News: New Marketwatch Column Exposes Hollow Foreign Kvetching About the Dollar

You may have noticed that complaints have been mounting lately from foreign investors, and especially governments, about all the unfair advantages the U.S. economy supposedly reaps from the dollar’s status as the world’s key currency — and about all the costs they pay and risks they run due to their consequent reliance on the dollar for raising capital and buying imports. 177 more words

Making News

End The Fed Rallies Are Spreading Like Wildfire

 Starting in Berlin about two  months  ago, huge Anti-war and   End the Fed rallies have begun to spread all over Germany and the rest of Europe. 265 more words

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Wiped off the map by an unnatural disaster

Natural disasters can wipe out towns, even cities and thanks to technology we can view this from a distance and perhaps connect with the deeply distressing images of destruction. 521 more words


Essential Viewing If You Give A Shit About The Way Things Are

The Corbett Report – Century Of Enslavement: The History Of The Federal Reserve

I will be watching this well-made documentary again when I am more fully awake….

10 more words

I Remember

I’m hurting right now, because I’m doubting myself.

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing… Acting is  beginning to feel more and more like a burden.  542 more words

Based On A True Story

Mike Maloney - Hidden Secrets of Money

Still struggling to undertand the nature of the global operating monetary system, what it is and how it works?

View this explanation using easy to understand graphics, part 4 of Mike Maloney’s  Hidden Secrets of Money, a series exploring these issues and their history; 24 more words

Fiat Money

People control via the money system

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The banks, private all of them, and the governments – the question is who pulls the strings here – are out to make cash a thing of the past by basically in all but term and name outlawing its use and to switch us all to the use of contactless payments. 779 more words