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Monetary System of The World. Ctd

Monetary System of The World. Ctd.

In my earlier statement I said the Antichrist would graciously award money even as welfare handouts to the poor. More importantly, he would take over, confiscate and withhold money from those who do take the mark on their right hands or foreheads( Rev.13:16-18). 723 more words

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Crying Vowel

Auckland harbour has a problem with effluent. Oh, I’m sorry that should read affluent. What a difference a simple vowel can make. The giant… 150 more words


Money Masters

Some classic documentaries about history of money, central banks and the current monetary system, everyone should watch to understand the current problems and possible solutions, there are other documentaries with great information, today problems is not knowledge, there are plenty.. 33 more words

The Monetary System Of The World

A fundamental change has come upon the world. After the air we breathe, money has become the next necessity of life. Homo economics, successor to Homo sapiens needs money to acquire water and food. 352 more words