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What Is China Buying?

China’s Trade Balance is Increasing

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China’s Foreign Reserve Is Dropping

China Is Not Buying U.S. Treasury

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Mata Uang : Peringkat Dunia Rupiah dan JokoWi

MINGGU, 14 DESEMBER 2014 | 16:45 WIB

Rupiah Masuk Lima Besar Mata Uang Tak Dihargai


Ilustrasi uang rupiah. TEMPO/Subekti

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Jiwa Semangat Nilai-nilai 45


Why I am now a devout


person. Happy season~!

A Scrooge, though, I’m not. There’s a difference? Could be—but first cast your eyes (admit it, you’ve already peeked) over this snap and then I’ll explain— 888 more words


OECD sees gradual world recovery, urges ECB to do more

The global economy will gradually improve over the next two years but Japan will grow less than previously expected while the euro zone struggles with stagnation and an increased deflation risk, the OECD said on Tuesday. 533 more words

Global Economy

Charts: Abenomics is Not Working

Triple-dip Recession

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GDP QoQ% Since 2007

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Abenomics and Beyond in Charts

Real Spending and Real Disposable Income (indexed from 2009)

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