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Ad Types, and Integrating Ad Implementation into your Strategy

Mobile ads come in different forms, each offering their own unique ad experience. How do you know which types will be the most effective? When is the right time to introduce ads to your game’s lifecycle? 491 more words


Share your clips. Reap the Reward.

Traditionally, most media organizations have gone to great lengths to keep their digital content under lock and key. Let’s take the example of sports leagues. They’ve struck… 827 more words


Enterprise App Development: Where the Money Is

As a Developer Evangelist for BlackBerry, I have been engaging developers for the better part of two years describing the ways to achieve success in this competitive mobile app landscape. 499 more words


Monesqueeze me not

Let’s unpack that. Yes Sports Leagues, Conferences, TV networks, please monetize your content well. Make gobs of money so you can put on better sporting events, sitcoms and other TV programs. 620 more words


An American Soccer Fan's Rant about the Economics of Sports on TV

The trouble with being a soccer fan in the US is that it costs too much. All the good stuff is over the pond (just kidding MLS) and we’re stuck with too high of a bill and waking up at odd hours to watch games, especially on the West coast. 785 more words


The Importance of Being Social

TV Ratings used to be the name of the game not too long ago. Nielsen adjudicated and the Networks competed.. to have the highest ratings and rates. 398 more words