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Day 22: Monette Madness!

Whew! After a long weekend of what seemed like non-stop driving, I’m back home and ready to share some updates on the Monette Equipment with you all. 331 more words


Day 19: Go For the Gold!

Good day all! Hope you all are doing well this fine Wednesday morning. I’ve received numerous inquiries this week from students asking why I only play on gold mouthpieces and I guess I really never noticed that tendency until they brought it up so candidly.  580 more words


Day 16: Equipment

I get a ton of questions about the different types of equipment that I recommend and while I’d love to fill your ears with zealous plugs for different companies, I’ll simply give you guys a general outline of what I feel has worked best for me in terms of mouthpiece and horn combos for the different settings that I’ve had to play. 393 more words


Day 15: Can you flex?

Today, as I was channel surfing after a long day at work, I came across a yoga video of some poor soul in an ungodly position! 379 more words


Day 13: Monette Prana Mouthpiece Update

Good day everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve given you guys an update on how it is going with the new Monette Prana B6S1. 764 more words


Day 12: Killing me softly...

While many of us would obviously love to have more security in the upper register, another major component of many trumpet player’s technique that I often see as underdeveloped is their soft playing.  446 more words


ATA: What types of lubricants do you use?

Hi there,

Congrats! You’re the first person to use the Ask The Administrator page!

I highly recommend Ultra Pure oils and slide greases for use on trumpets old and new. 316 more words