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As I was surfing the web (trust and believe I surf all over) I ran across this article. It struck my memory to be reminded of how I hate to see the model of perfection doing what I dream of doing. 67 more words


REPOST: FINANCE: Dig yourself out of that credit trap

Some people see debt as a black hole that one can’t escape from but Cara Brett, a contributor to Sunshine Coast Daily, answers some questions about how to get yourself out of the credit trap. 621 more words

Minutes from Luncheon on July 25, 2014

This social service agency networking/information sharing meeting, hosted by Inasmuch Ministry, takes place from noon to one o’clock pm on the last Friday of each month… 814 more words

Agency Meetings

8 Life Skills I Want My Senior To Have Before He Leaves My House (#1-4)

My friend Lucinda has a daughter who is also a senior this year. She posted on Facebook wanting ideas for life skills people would suggest she work on teaching her daughter this year. 654 more words

Senior Year

This is what $100 looks like

Boys stack

10:34 here we go. We’ve got a map and a plan.

11:02 trying on at guess. It’s funny to watch her work out what she has that will work with what she’s already got. 574 more words

On Money Managers

“Benjamin Graham was the rare academic who was both a theoretician and working practitioner. At a personal level, Graham was a caricature of the absent-minded professor, a devotee of the classics, a student of Latin and Greek, and a translator of Spanish poetry who could dress for work in mismatched shoes and who evidenced little interest in money. 1,055 more words

From Buzzonomics

The Homebuyers Toolkit: Key Players

The role of the realtor, attorney and home inspector

Buying a home is a personal decision, but the process is not so private. Generally, you’ll work with about ten people. 485 more words

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