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The problem with average wedding costs

“Wedding.” As a girl who grew up in America, merely saying the word “wedding” makes me feel euphoric, overwhelmed and wildy expectant all at once. How did I become this way? 363 more words

Money Management

Is There a Direct Correlation Between Money and Happiness?

Can money buy you happiness? That age-old question has been studied repeatedly and the short answer is yes. But, as you might already know it really isn’t that simple. 841 more words

Consumer Interest

Hey Kids, money is important

Three reasons for liking money: The best is that it buys things you want at today’s prices. Another reason is that it will buy things in the future. 803 more words

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Dont Worry, Get Rich Slowly

There are tonnes of theories and principles out there that help people to manage their money and their finances. ‘Get Rich Slowly‘ is a blog running for 8 years on money management, and has a list of 15 key points for everyone including the student looking for the light at the end of the financial tunnel! 991 more words


DRIP Investing

DRIP or dividend reinvestment program/plan, is a term not many are familiar with, although it’s been around since the 60′s. Many companies offer this program to their employees through stock options, that allow them to reinvest their cash dividends back into the company by purchasing a share or fractional shares of the company’s stock. 223 more words


Financial literacy

Many U.S. citizens are financially ‘illiterate’ with respect to knowing how to manage and invest money.  Two thirds of U.S. adults don’t use a budget for personal expenses and one third don’t save their money. 77 more words

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