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Derivatives and its types

Derivatives and its types

A derivative is the financial contract which derives its value from the performance of an underlying asset. This underlying asset can be commodities, precious metals, currency, bonds, stocks, stocks indices on which the price of the derivative is based. 1,972 more words


Capital market

Capital market



—Define Capital Market

—Characteristics of Capital Market

—Types of Capital market

—Stock Market-Primary market and Secondary Market

—Bond Market

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Tools of the Trade ...Literally

What Cash Management Tools Are Available?

There are a number of short-term cash management instruments available to the individual establishing a sound cash management program. These alternatives include money market mutual funds, Treasury bills, and certificates of deposit. 692 more words

Financial Services

Direct tax v/s Indirect tax


  • Introduction
  • Define tax
  • Concept of progressive, proportional, regressive and digressive tax
  • Define direct tax
  • Pros and cons of direct tax
  • Define indirect tax
  • Pros and cons of indirect tax…
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Financial Decision

What is financial decision

Finance plays an important role in business. It is the master key which provides access to all other resources that are employed in the production. 464 more words


The law of demand and elasticity of demand

Difference between The law of demand and elasticity of demand

The difference between the law of demand and elasticity of demand can be understood in quantitative and qualitative term. 535 more words


Value Added Tax - VAT


Value Added Tax (VAT) was leaded first time by UK in 1973. VAT has been introduced in Indian in April 1, 2005. 1,564 more words