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I feel like I’m dead
Like there’s no one inside.
Empty and void; Head
in the sand, wanting to hide.

Hollow like the flute,
without lips to blow the wind. 120 more words


Truly Wealthy

“The truly wealthy are careful to spend their money on things that hold their value over time….  When it comes down to it, you might say that successful families do all the things unsuccessful families don’t want to do.” -Bill Bonner

Money Matters

Money Matters: Can you become a millionaire?

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 18, 2014)– In this week’s Money Matters, Andy Mattingly from FORUM Credit Union provides tips on how you can save money and hopefully be on your way to becoming a millionaire. 17 more words

Money Matters

Tax Breaks You Can Take for 2014


Congress on Tuesday night extended dozens of expired “temporary” tax breaks for 2014.

It took the Senate, by a 76 to 16 vote, until the week after Congress was supposed to adjourn to pass the bill, which the House had already approved. 720 more words

Money Matters

Compounding Money

Compounding is “making money off the money you make”. -Dr. David Eifrig

Money Matters

Menjawab Jokowi Hater

Sekali-kalinya tulisan gue di koran dapat komentar lewat email, isinya gak keruan. Email pertama mengkritik tulisan tentang kejatuhan nilai tukar rupiah. Kata dia, tulisan tersebut tidak berimbang. 624 more words

Money Matters

Seeing the Market with StockTouch

Most stock market apps are gibberish compared to StockTouch, which provides an instantaneous picture of various stock market data with heat maps. StockTouch uses square tiles to represent common stocks of the 100 largest companies within nine industry sectors and then color-codes the tiles to indicate the strength of displayed data. 387 more words

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