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One truly unforgettable thing I have picked up over this last year is dancer Fashion. It is universally understood, or nearly at least, that “normal” people are required to match the colors in one part of an outfit with another part of their outfit while making sure not to wear anything so outrageous it can be considered a costume. 268 more words

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LED Lights at Reasonable Prices

Electrical energy is changed into light utilizing a semiconductor inside the Led lamps, that are particularly popular these days. Led lamps are thought of to become really power effective in comparison with other typical forms of lights. 550 more words


Changing to LED Lights

Led lightingare that sort of lamps that generate light by converting electricity using a semiconductor. It is actually particularly very recommended to use Led lighting in comparison to all of the other several lights due to how energy effective they’re. 407 more words

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Compounded Drugs

By: Katie Jones, CVT

Every day we are bombarded with drug choices both in stores and through social media. Veterinarian pharmacies are not any different. Adequan®, Banamine®, and GastroGuard® are all common names many have heard and learned about. 747 more words


crave vs save.

It’s time for another Crave vs. Save post today!

I went to the Gold Rush Days flea market this past weekend (see my recap of last year’s market  188 more words

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6 Ways To Cut Home Energy Costs

Utility bills can make up a significant portion of a family’s monthly budget. With a little planning, research, and work, you can cut your home’s energy consumption by a substantial amount. 654 more words

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DYI Tip - Vanilla sugar

Guys and gals, ever used a vanilla bean or two to make a cake and just away the stalk bit? And if you’re like me and think ‘SUCH A WASTE!

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