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Talk To Your Teens About Money

Last week we talked about teaching young children about saving and managing money. It tends to be easy when they’re little because you can just tell a young child that saving money is important and that they must do it. 480 more words


Teaching Kids To Save

Each year VCNB offices participate in Teach Children To Save, a nationwide effort to, well, to teach children to save money. Staff members go into classrooms in local communities to talk with youngsters about why it is important to save money and the difference between needs and wants. 448 more words


35 Ways To Save Some Dollars

While it’s tempting to look for big ways to save money, don’t discount the small things you can do to save a few dollars that will ultimately add up to big dollars. 1,113 more words


D.I.Y. - Toothpaste (Non-Toxic)

Everyday people around the world are using tooth paste. People will brush their teeth as many as 1 to 3 times a day, but do they ever look at the ingredients in their tooth paste? 361 more words


DIY - Air-fresheners (Non-Toxic)

I love finding little things to do around the house that I can do for myself. I save a few bucks in the process and I get to limit some of the toxins that are in store bought products. 229 more words


Cost Cutting Tuesday: Television

Television.  It’s an amazing invention that brings the world into your living room with just a click of the remote. It can take you on an African safari, give you a front row seat at Carnegie Hall and take you to midcourt of your favorite basketball game. 426 more words


Cash is king baby

Although it took some getting use to I now use cash to buy all groceries, clothing, toiletries, house items, misc. expenses and any eating out or entertainment.   1,082 more words

Voluntary Simplicity