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Choking on black gold

There is black gold in the earth,

They are starved, and seek to drink it.

Roll in; the tanks of a nation,

Blinded by lust, they’ll storm the gates of heaven, 143 more words


CEO color

When they show their true colors, most CEOs show the color of money.


WealthyU: Investing Tips For Volatile Times

Financial guru Deborah Owens joined Jeff Johnson, guest host of “NewsOne Now,” to share her tips for investing during volatile times and in an uncertain market. 56 more words

Life & Style

Armored truck pickup, Edinburgh 1955

Armored truck pickup, Edinburgh 1955 by rogerhagan (http://ift.tt/1td3zUg) at 2014-03-23T20:56:53+00:00 (via http://ift.tt/1CXQ1fb)
The women do the carrying.


Gran Spends Nearly £4,000 to Protect Her House Against Wi-Fi and Mobile Phone Signals

Link to article.

Stefanie Russell with the device that detects wireless signals and in the background, a workman painting the house

A grandmother has spent thousands of pounds making her home wi-fi proof to protect her health. 585 more words


Do we need another world war to save democracy?

Who’s to blame for most of us becoming poorer, while the fortunes of the super-rich grow to almost unimaginable heights? Why are Wal-Mart and the “dollar stores” losing profits while there is a… 249 more words


Top Ten Thursday

It is time for another edition of Top Ten Thursday!

Each week we choose a topic and count down from ten.

If there is anything you want us to feature, then send it our way. 147 more words