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College debt hitting the elderly

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Financial debt and going to college almost go hand-in-hand now, but now that’s impacting the elderly as well.

As recently as 2010 among Americans ages 65-74, 4% of them had some kind of federal student loan debt in their name. 93 more words


How I Cut My Grocery Budget in Half {Plus an eMeals Giveaway}

Of all the spending that my family does in a month, groceries are the one area where we consistently spent WAY TOO MUCH.

It’s so easy to run to the store during the week for a few things. 1,154 more words


Better weather helps farmers with 2014 Saskatchewan harvest

REGINA – Better weather has helped farmers across Saskatchewan with the 2014 harvest but progress is slow going.

The weekly crop report says 23 per cent of the crop is combined, well behind the five-year average of 43 per cent. 122 more words


Pension Crisis

I am just a few years shy of the age at which my father retired. He retired on a final salary index-linked pension scheme, and is pretty well off. 511 more words

Organizing: The Money Edition Pt II

I promised that I would check in yesterday to talk about what I do each day to save money and live like no one else. My day got away from me as it tends to do. 447 more words


Another random thought on Scottish devolution v1.08 - v1.11 rel 2

Okay, suppose the ‘Yes’ vote does have it, and Alex Salmond leads the Scots towards an oil-funded socialist utopia. Which has worked out really well… 120 more words


10 Things I'll Miss About Dating A Billionaire (And 5 Things I Won't Miss)

  1. Flying private – Ever wonder what it’s like to not have to go through airport security? Well, it’s fucking awesome.
  2. Black Amex privileges – Have you ever wished you could have an entire store stay open after hours so you could shop, upgrade to first class for free, get tickets to any sold-out show, or get reservations in ANY restaurant at a moment’s notice?
  3. 457 more words