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money wall

no bottom less hole

and no secret pit

and nothing to leave

at the dock and off to the ship

and nothing to mix

and match… 57 more words


3 Thrifty Things You Can Start Doing Today

By AJ Smith

It’s easy to procrastinate, especially when it comes to things that aren’t fun. For many people, finances fall into that category. But putting off your financial responsibilities won’t make them go away — so it’s best to just get them done. 333 more words


Tissue paper sellers paying a $120 licence fee

From ‘Tissue paper peddlers are unlicensed hawkers, says NEA’, 17 April 2014, article in CNA

Mobile peddlers selling packets of tissue paper on the streets are unlicensed hawkers, said the National Environment Agency (NEA) in response to a letter posted on a website that these peddlers are charged a S$120 licence fee.

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Penny A-Z Blog Challenge

I drink Caffeine free Diet Coke. I take the cans to an automated recycling machine. Inevitably, I have a trunk load or car load full of cans. 200 more words

Excuses, excuses...

The reason why I haven’t achieved the successes in my business yet, is that I have allowed my potential clients excuses be my own excuses. I’ve accepted their excuses instead of challenging them. This needs to stop.

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If I had a lot of money, like too much to ever spend, I’d go buy all the ugliest pieces of clothing in stores. Only the horrible pieces they’ve had for years and could never sell. 20 more words

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It's not my PIN that's invalid.

To add to my dismay with how we let the convenience of technology interfere with personal financial arrangements, I’ve had problems with my debit card this week. 753 more words

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