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5 Myths of Neoclassical Economics

Neoclassical Economics may or may not be a term which you are immediately familiar with however it is an incredibly important one as it is one that signifies the framework in which all major political decisions are made. 1,094 more words


Money is the reward of solving problems. What it means is that, if you are not solving problems by investing, you can not have returns  or profit in terms of money. 197 more words


Ways to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

When you were young, do you remember your mom asking you to take vitamins to keep your growing body healthy? As you grow older, you take health supplements and vitamins to maintain your strength as you go about your daily activities. 7 more words

How to Save Money while Driving

You need a car to go from point A to point B. When running errands, driving to work, getting the kids to or from school – all these require some sort of transportation. 21 more words

Insomniac in Training

Last night, was absolutely horrible. I couldn’t sleep at all, I’m too paranoid about everything and anything. The worst part is I work from 5pm – 10pm today, so, I’ll literally be running on three hours of sleep and multiple cups of coffee. 578 more words

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Would you work for someone who stresses you out even if the money was good?

I decided to roll with this one this morning because it’s a subject that’s actually quite near and dear to me. 299 more words

Retiring: Gaining in Years, and Helping Others to Make Gains

The 2014 winners of the Purpose Prize, all 60 and older, have volunteered their skills and experience to help people and improve communities.

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