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How To Manifest Money

The Law of Attraction is a very simple spiritual law.  If your energy field matches the results you wish to achieve, you will dramatically increase the chance of those results manifesting in your reality.   3,114 more words


Life, an endless joke

I believe life turns on moments; little pockets of time that stand separate from everything else. You remember those moments for the rest of your life, simply because they make up your life. 154 more words



If it is about checking boxes I got a lot accomplished today (in the depressed sort of way). Another small adventure was settled with a booked plane ticket. 461 more words


It's All About The Benjamins

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Well that explains that, now I know why I feel the way I do about my empty wallet. I miss my money, but nobody else does—because they’ve all got mine. 389 more words

What would you spend your money on?

Think about it. We all have choices to make. As with our own money, how we choose to spend or what we decide to do with money is entirely up to us. 257 more words


Otmane El Rhazi : Expect FY15 CAD at 1.4% on lower crude prices: Macquarie

Otmane El Rhazi from Moneycontrol Economy News.

India’s Q2 CAD stood at 2.1 percent, a five-quarter high as exports growth slowed and imports increased because of a rise in demand for gold.