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Gateway Paper Products

Kimi came down from the mountain to spend the weekend in Seattle.  She and Dad had big plans to go see the Flying Heritage Collection… 102 more words


Which Way to Go?

Mongo and Dad were walking in the park. .  The sun had yet to peek over the horizon.  The air was cool, moist, and still.  The birds were still frantically engaged in a pre-dawn chirp fest. 182 more words


More Scuttlebutt from the Poop Deck

Dad and Mongo started off on their morning walk as they do just about every day.  As soon as their feet left the sidewalk, Mongo hunched up to do his duty.  131 more words


Adventures in Hive SerDe-landia


I was recently involved  in a product requirements effort for external tables for an SQL-on-Hadoop product. The first thing that came to mind was to take a deep dive into Hive’s SerDe and StorageHandler capabilities. 659 more words


Time to TP the House

Drewbie woke up the morning and found a strange trail of paper running down the hallway in the house.  He traced it’s source back to downstairs bathroom, and its other end to Mongo.  30 more words


Mall Grabs, Mongo pushers, and Long Boarders are the Only Posers in 2014


Pictured above I’m executing a double reverse mall grab with shades on. For those of you that don’t know a mall grab is carrying one’s skateboard by the truck. 468 more words


Another Mongo Seed library

A while ago I wrote a mongo seed utility for SBT.

Well I’ve written another one, this time as a node library as we have a few node projects that can benefit from a bit of db seeding from time to time. 48 more words