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Mall Grabs, Mongo pushers, and Long Boarders are the Only Posers in 2014


Pictured above I’m executing a double reverse mall grab with shades on. For those of you that don’t know a mall grab is carrying one’s skateboard by the truck. 468 more words


Another Mongo Seed library

A while ago I wrote a mongo seed utility for SBT.

Well I’ve written another one, this time as a node library as we have a few node projects that can benefit from a bit of db seeding from time to time. 48 more words


Bath! - July 20, 2014

Mongo finally had his stitches out, and the drama from eating the rock was behind him.  Now, Kimi was determined to clean him up.  He had gotten pretty grimy what with his time in the vet, and not being able to be washed because of his stitches. 130 more words


Back to the Vet - July 20, 2014

Mongo went back to his regular vet this morning to get his stitches out.  The only  had him in the back of the practise for a few moments, and then before you could say. 16 more words


Feeling Better - July 18, 2014

Mongo is finally starting to feel up to par after his surgery. This is the first day since he left the vet that he had enough energy to chase birds in the park.


Just Because You Can Eat Something...Doesn't Mean You Should - July 6, 2014

The plans had all been set in place, and it was time to execute them.  Dad was going to Glacier School with Summit Climb, and Mongo was going to the kennel where after he was supposed to relax for a week while waiting for Dad to come off the mountain, he would have a spa day and be washed.  215 more words