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Case Insensitive search in MongoDB

Regex comes to rescue.

Pattern: /query/i

Caveat: Regex is a performance spoilsport when it comes to millions of records esp. because Regex ignores indexes.

Possible Options: 41 more words


An Analogue Opportunity

It’s not everyday one has the opportunity to print out database records. Luckily one such opportunity presented itself to our team 2 weeks ago. One moment we were happily executing a simple mongo query and the next everything is broken. 147 more words

Late Christmas Presents

Mongo’s Aunt Michy was running a little late for Christmas this year. He just got his “Slingshot Duck”, which he greatly enjoys. Aunt Michy included a note to explain why we all received gifts so late this year. 177 more words


Mongo's Happy New Year

Mongo is a very happy guy for 2015. He is now Mongo No. 5!

Jump up and down

And wiggle all around.

Put your tail in the air. 24 more words


Christmas Day

On Christmas Day Mongo got a  spa day from Kimi.  He loved it and was very relaxed.


auto increment id mongodb


… {
… _id:”userid”,
… seq:
… 0}
… )
> function getNextSequence(name){
… var ret = db.counters.findAndModify(
… {
… query:{_id:name},
… update: {$inc:{seq:1}}, 15 more words


Christmas Morning

Christmas morning dawned early at Mom-mom’s house. Kimi was up early. The dogs always wake her up. She says it is like a doggie techno-tune in the morning. 123 more words