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What is the Blue Food?

It was blue. Even with his limited color-vision Dad could see that it was blue. What in the world could Mongo have eaten that would turn his poop blue Dad wondered. 122 more words


Mongo Database dump - mongoexport

Backup your mongo db regularly in a conventional way like so -

mongoexport —db dbname —collection collName —out /backups/dbname_db_dump_feb14.json


MongoExport | Date filtering

Export Mongo data queried on dates filter -

  1. Convert date value to numerical representation like so -

new Date(2009,1,25) * 1

2.  Use the mongoexport utility in the following format -

44 more words

Installing the PHP MongoDB driver

Pretty accurate listing of steps here for installing PHP mongoDB driver on CentOS.

I had to deviate just once when it broke due to absence of mongo.so. 13 more words


Making backups and importing data - Mongo and xDB part three

There are a few ways you can make a backup with Mongo. The most simple is to take a copy of the database files and put them somewhere safe. 612 more words


Hiking to Snoquera with Kimi

Today, Dad, Kimi, Mongo, and SPORK all headed up to the mountains for a hike. Kimi was carefully corralling water and cliff bars for the hike to Snoquera Falls. 1,020 more words


Highly availible Mongo on Azure

There are many reasons why Mongo DB became a promement database for devs. As microsoft only recently launched DocumentDB as it’s own NoSQL option it’s still early stage and catching on Mongo is still the NoSQL db of choice. 622 more words