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Provision different services in Hadoop master node using Docker

Today i started to set up Apache Hadoop installation to further carry out data analysis on large datasets.

For that, i needed to set up MapReduce JobTracker, Pig and MYSQL server instance for Pig job statistics. 405 more words

Monitoring Tip: Resolving mms.mongodb host is unreachable error

I think I will save a few people some time by sharing this tip that is not covered in the FAQ. Assume that you have a working munin setup and you setup the cloud monitoring from mms.mongodb.com (and you should). 50 more words

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Pentaho and MongoDB Rendezvous in SF

The City Club of San Francisco is well known for hosting the swankiest of weddings in San Francisco. However, on May 1st, it will be the location of a union of a different sort – … 229 more words

Understanding MongoDB: BtreeCursor

Applicable to Mongo 2.4

MongoDB uses cursors to iterate over resultant documents from a query execution. There are cursor for document records and index records. MongoDB uses Btree to manage document indexes and uses class BtreeCursor to implement cursor management of indexes. 103 more words


Set up MongoDB on Azure with a Replica Set – Step 5 Install MongoDB as a Service

These are the steps for installing MongoDB as a Windows Service

Install MongoDB as a Windows Service

1) On server 1, navigate to the C:\MongoDB directory and create a new folder named  \conf and within that directory a file called mongodb.conf.  566 more words


MongoDB in a Nutshell

*This article does not dive into finer details of mongodb or document databases. that might come in another post :)

Experience and Learning Curve : 383 more words