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Robomongo: MongoDB in Beautiful Way

Before I share about the terms in mongoDB, i will introduce a powerful tool (of course you can get it free) to manage you mongoDB. That tool is Robomongo. 298 more words


Basic Statements in MongoDB

After my late post about mongoDB, i will share about basic statements in mongoDB. There are several basic statement in mongoDB, such as: 275 more words


Stop Claiming that you're Using a Schemaless Database

One of MongoDB’s arguments when evangelising MongoDB is the fact that MongoDB is a “schemaless” database:

Why Schemaless?

MongoDB is a JSON-style data store. The documents stored in the database can have varying sets of fields, with different types for each field.

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Connecting to a Hosted MongoDB Database Using 3T MongoChef

3T MongoChef is a modern, multi-platform GUI for MongoDB. You can use it to edit your data in-place, to copy & paste documents and entire collections between databases, and to easily build even the most complex MongoDB queries by just dragging and dropping the fields that should be part of your query into a search pane. 329 more words


Learning node.js and Expressjs

My doors to programming opened up for real as I took a engineering startup course online. It introduced me to Github, Amazon Web Servers, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Bootstrap, and a world of development for mobile and desktop applications. 274 more words


OpenStack Juno debuts, more moving and shaking by cloud providers

New OpenStack versions come out every six months  — the latest “Juno” release debuted this week. But OpenStack deals have been rolling out considerably faster — the most recent being… 301 more words

Tweepy and PyMongo: retrieving and storing tweets in MongoDB

Tweepy is a Python library for accessing the Twitter API.

PyMongo is a library that contains the necessary tools that allow us to interact with MongoDB from Python. 1,125 more words