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Comandos para manipular o MongoDB / Commands for manipulating the MongoDB

1.Show all databases

> show dbs

2.Create / use database (if exists then use)

> use ecommerce

3. create a collection

> db.ecommerce.products = {name: String, description: String, status:Boolean, price: Number} 57 more words
Banco De Dados

Using MongoDB

MongoDB is a popular document based NO-SQL database. Some of the key features of MongoDB are 

  1. Document-oriented storage
  2. Querying
  3. Full Index support
  4. Replication and High Availability…
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Reorganizing, Rescheduling, and Self Teaching

Hello all again,

So it’s been a while, quite a while actually, since I’ve updated this here blog. I’m happy to say that I have a majority of the functionality of the project manager I’ve been building designed out and prototyped, though I’ve had the issue of feature creep. 481 more words


MongoDB in .NET part 10: other file operations


In the previous post on MongoDb we talked about inserting files to GridFS and linking them to a Car object. In this post we’ll look at how to read, delete and update a file. 880 more words


MongoSluice reported the full subscription of its $30,000 investment round

XDATA – August 26th 2014

One investor bought all the equity issued by MongoSluice in a non-brokered private placement. The $30,000 investment was made on August 8th. 100 more words


How to package initscripts and unit files for Software Collections

In previous articles we mentioned tips on how to package collections, but we never wrote about initscripts, which are one reason why daemons are harder to package as a collection. 591 more words

Software Collections