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MongoDB Days Seattle 2014

I have spent a good portion of my career dealing with data in a variety of formats. Using many of the standard RDBMS’ like MySQL, Postgres and SQL Server to key value stores like Memcache and Voldemort, to document based storage systems like CouchDB and been fortunate enough to spend some time amongst the Hadoop ecosystem. 288 more words


MapReduce in MongoDB

This is a simple example of doing mapReduce in MongoDB.

We are going to find the population of all the states in US, where we are given a JSON doc with city, zip, state and population. 204 more words


M202 July 2014 Final weeks

The first few videos of week 7 covered the write concern and some important changes to the basic parts of the system since version 2.4. It is good these subjects are explicitly covered, because MongoDB is going through a lot of functional upgrades. 1,107 more words


PHP and MongoDB Security Cheat Sheet

“MongoDB does not enable authorization by default.”
“mongod assumes a trusted environment.”

i. System information
# lsb_release -d && dpkg -l | egrep 'mongodb-server| openssl|php5-cli'|awk '{print $2,$3}'

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My Wall Street Journal Interview with Max Schireson on Prioritizing Family and Career

Last month, Max Shireson gave up his job running a billion-dollar startup to spend more time with his family. And he couldn’t be happier about it. 315 more words


Webinar: DB PowerStudio and ER/Studio: Big Data, Big Models, Big News!

With the increasing interest in big data platforms such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Hadoop Hive, data professionals are trying to figure out how to reconcile their relational experience and environments with these developing databases. 104 more words

Utterly Defeated

I swear I’m not a hopelessly depressing person, but I’m sure it seems that way after glancing at this two-post blog consisting of “Breathing Through a Straw” and “Utterly Defeated.” This past weekend was the worst I’ve had, coding-wise, and it’s bled into my Monday. 414 more words