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Microservices Development with Scala, Spray, MongoDB, Docker and Ansible

This article tries to provide one possible approach to building microservices. We’ll use Scala as programming language. API will be RESTful JSON provided by… 2,081 more words


Raspberry Pi: Running NodeJS and MongoDB on Pi

Recently I got a Raspberry Pi B+ and I couldn’t wait to start playing with it. My first project was a server application, which runs on NodeJS and uses MongoDB for storing data.  381 more words


[mongodb] get a random document from a collection

From a MongoDB collection, you want to get a random document.


import random

def get_random_doc():
    # coll refers to your collection
    count = coll.count()
    return coll.find()
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Big Data in Cities: Benefits and Challenges


By 2050 it is expected that 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. Management of infrastructure and utility assets is therefore a growing priority. 2,295 more words

Business Intelligence

Command query responsibility segregation pattern with MongoDB, Redis and ElasticSearch


In large scales data-centric enterprise application read write ratio is very high. In that case we want the fast read access with different search criteria from enterprise database. 267 more words

Custom Json Serializer and Deserializer for Joda datetime objects

This post demonstrates how to add custom Json serializer and deserializer classes for Joda datetime objects when used with Jackson JSON processor. I use LocalDateTime in the examples here but the same approach applies to other joda date(time) classes. 426 more words