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What is racism?

I went for my first degree at a university in South Africa so I pretty much know about racism… between white and black. 243 more words


Mongolian Calligraphy

This is a beautiful example of Mongolian calligraphy. I have no idea what it means, but I’m ok with that. I have a notion that I might either adapt the Mongolian traditional script for Kala, or develop a script that flows vertically and resembles Mongolian, Manchu, Uyghur…I simply love vertical connective scripts.

Restaurant Thai Garden

I simply need to recommend my all time favorite restaurant here in Aalborg. Thai Garden at Jernbanegade 2. You will find both ala carte and buffet at this Thai restaurant. 131 more words


Episode 26: The Sino-Xiongnu War

Tensions between the Han and Xiongnu Empires boil over into full-scale war after decades of humiliation at the hands of the northern horse-lords.  When the traditional methods of neutralizing Xiongnu power fails, Emperor Wu must turn to a new generation of strategists to turn the Xiongnu’s own strength against them: cavalry. 63 more words

Manteca Gem

Ok, so let me rave about GK Mongolian BBQ because they hooked it up! I was getting lightheaded from prop shopping with an empty stomach and I stumbled upon this place. 75 more words




My Love,

I cannot go outside today;

It is snowing.

I will not come

but I will wait.

When the sun comes out,

I will enter your life again. 135 more words


Genghis Khan

After our foray into Westport, Chowtown returns to 39th street (3906 Bell Street to be exact), and Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill. For those that don’t know, Genghis (also known as Chingis, Chinngis, or Chinngiz) Khan unified the Mongolian nomadic tribes in the early 12th Century and paved the way for the world’s largest contiguous empire the world has ever seen under his grandson, Kublai, immortalized in Coleridge’s poem, Kubla Khan, penned in 1797.  485 more words