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Monica Lewinsky: Retiring the Stained Blue Dress or Airing Her Dirty Laundry?

When people think of the blue dress, the tilted beret and the woman who was the center of America’s biggest sex scandal, Monica Lewinsky’s name usually rings a bell  (and it’s definitely not the Liberty Bell). 496 more words

Government report says Monica Lewinsky was mistreated in affair investigation

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A government report obtained by CNN on Friday states that government agents and lawyers mistreated Monica Lewinsky when they approached the former White House intern in January 1998 to get her to cooperate with an investigation into President Bill Clinton. 564 more words


Alan and Monica: Cumming explains his love for Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky is back, which can’t thrill anyone with the last name Clinton. But Alan Cumming is delighted, and he’s dishing about his “lovely” best friend and how the improbable pair met 16 years ago. 340 more words


Is Social Involvement Helping or Hurting Public Figures?

Last week, Monica Lewinsky stirred up Twitter by joining the social media website and simply tweeting, “#HereWeGo.” Lewinsky is one of the most recent public figures to join the Twitter world, pulling in thousands of followers within hours. 493 more words


Monica Lewinsky mistreated by authorities who demanded she wear a wire in investigation of Bill Clinton, gov't report says

When onetime White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky broke her silence with a major speech this week, one subject brought her nearly to tears.

Lewinsky’s voice cracked as she recalled the moment in January 1998 when she was first confronted by FBI agents and lawyers working for Kenneth W. 1,734 more words


Things I Hate 10/21/14


So Ebola is a thing now. It’s no laughing matter. Tens of thousands are dying on the West African coast, but that happens all the time. 1,150 more words

Things I Hate