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I'll Be Fine

A disclaimer: there is an old axiom about stones and glass houses that certainly applies here.

I have achieved much less as a writer than, of all people, tennis legend Moncia Seles who – and pardon my surprise at this – has published two young adult… 486 more words


You're Famous!

Last year, Monica Seles was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. She grunted in appreciation.

There are various levels of fame. Sometimes, a person may be famous within their field of work, but not a household name. 481 more words


Mastering the Teaching Game July 17, 2014

Recently, I heard Sven Groeneveld being interviewed on my car radio. He is one of the top tennis coaches of all times, having helped four players become grand slam winners, among many other achievements. 140 more words

Libraries & Advocacy


This isn’t strictly to do with language, but it is to do with tongues, so I’ve decided it’s within my remit. The other day I saw a photo of the cyclist Albert Contador, expressing triumph by allowing his tongue to loll out of his mouth like a great big floppy pink sea cucumber (this was before he’d had to drop out of the Tour de France). 141 more words