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Future Calculation

I’m behind on responding to the Daily Post prompts. This one in particular I thought was creative:

You’ve been granted the power to predict the future! 162 more words

Non-fiction Writings

Black-and-white duo

I believe Monday is the least-liked day of the week (at least by me).   Weaking up at 6 am after weekend is not the most pleasant and easy thing in the world, therefore when I choose the outfit for Monday, I try to combine the pieces that are elegant and comfortable in the same time.   120 more words


Why Copyright Assignment?

I’m grateful for the excellent training about publishing contracts I got early in my career, at a company that believed even its sales reps should understand what every paragraph of our contract meant. 617 more words


Some venues offer “preferred vendors” conifer using them. Sometimes doing so you can prevent fees that may be included when using an outside vendor.