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Lists-o-mania! The Top 5 Most Kitschy, Embarrassing Bubblegum Songs Of The Sixties

Ah, the sixties: a time of protest, revolution, and… shameless corporate pandering? You’d better believe it! In contrast to all the “serious” music that was being made at the time, big-wig music producers decided they could make a fast buck by cashing in on the aesthetic of the time. 1,788 more words


Things About The Music industry That Annoy Me #2: The Futility of Ratings

As I’ve mentioned in this series before, I like to spend time reading album reviews as I find them incredibly helpful. Often times they provide valuable information about the album in question, and whether or not it’s worth your time. 834 more words



Head (1968) is the quintessential cinematic oxymoron: a “G” rated LSD trip, starring The Monkees, with cameos by Victor Mature, Anette Funicello, Teri Garr, and Frank Zappa! 779 more words

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Five Underrated Rock Bands That Could've Benefitted From a Name Change

By Darren Johnson
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One thing I’ve noticed about people under 25 is that they no longer wear rock T-shirts, at least not from current bands. 601 more words

August 19

Today in 1968, after 58 episodes, the final Monkees TV show airs on NBC

On this day in 1973, Rita Coolidge and Kris Kristofferson were married in Malibu… 131 more words

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2 AM Callers 080414 - Looking Marvelous

Busting out the politically incorrect Spider-Man pajamas.

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MP3 format, 1:11 length, discussing workin’ for the man, race and gender switches in comics, scoring PR points, the various Captains Marvel & some legal scholarship involving Neil Gaiman and… 106 more words


Top Ten Songs On The Kendallrock Stereo:

1. The View From Stow Hill – Manic Street Preachers
2. White Jazz – Jack
3. I’m Not OK (I Promise) – My Chemical Romance… 31 more words