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no hammock? no problem.

So in true ADD-fashion, I was all set today to write about something near and dear to my heart: my morning routine, an integral piece of me getting back to my true self (and consequently giving up my ADHD medication). 743 more words

An Earthworm in his Sauna.

Day Ten.

Graduation day finally came Friday, but not without a trial by fire. Well, as close to fire as you can get.

After four days of classes and lectures, our “final exam” so to speak, was a two-hour long scenario in which we had to apply the things we’d learned throughout the week to four separate patient cases, all taking place in the mock ETU. 1,263 more words


Review: 'Monkey Bars'

Monkey Bars states its ambitions unambiguously: to faithfully reproduce for the audience the all-too-often-ignored voices of children. Playwright Chris Goode, in collaboration with counselor and self-proclaimed “specialist in dialogue” … 1,198 more words


Preview: Monkey Bars

‘No, wait, I mean’ – the interviewee begins to fidget nervously as they try to rectify their obvious mistake. The panel’s expression has turned from polite curiosity to inevitable disappointment, and their unfortunate subject can sense the job opportunity riding away on the back of one poorly considered answer. 700 more words


The Monkey Bars

And sometimes you have to hang…just for the fun of it…and maybe you will let go and fall…but get right back up there, calluses and all…show them what you’re made of!!