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Review: 'Monkey Bars'

Monkey Bars states its ambitions unambiguously: to faithfully reproduce for the audience the all-too-often-ignored voices of children. Playwright Chris Goode, in collaboration with counselor and self-proclaimed “specialist in dialogue” … 1,198 more words


Preview: Monkey Bars

‘No, wait, I mean’ – the interviewee begins to fidget nervously as they try to rectify their obvious mistake. The panel’s expression has turned from polite curiosity to inevitable disappointment, and their unfortunate subject can sense the job opportunity riding away on the back of one poorly considered answer. 700 more words


The Monkey Bars

And sometimes you have to hang…just for the fun of it…and maybe you will let go and fall…but get right back up there, calluses and all…show them what you’re made of!!


Monkey Bars and Your Brain

By: Tina Davidson

It is pretty obvious that a regular exercise routine is part of a healthy lifestyle.  Not only does exercise help keep our bodies fit but also our minds. 932 more words

Brain Health

The Month in Review: September Workouts

I hope you’ve been keeping up your workout calendars and journals! Looking back at my September calendar, I realize I need to work in more core sets. 872 more words