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Shooting Thai Monkeys

If you have a camera, no matter the type, and an eye for photography, then Phana, Thailand is calling you.  This small village of 2,000 is tucked away far from the tourism industry (about 650 KM from Bangkok) and hosts some of the most ideal landscapes that you could ever come across. 580 more words

Long-tailed Macaques

Monkeys, Temples and Delicious Food: Bali, Indonesia

My first stop on my trip through part of Southeast Asia is Bali, Indonesia! Despite only having been here for just over 24 hours, I feel like I’ve already experience so much its crazy. 395 more words


I got attacked by a monkey and It stole my peanut butter. It’s been over 8 weeks since I’ve had¬†peanut butter, an American staple in ones childhood and well into old age (I’m sure my peanut butter lovers can understand the struggle.) I decide I was finally going to get off my butt and get some. 279 more words


Ubud - part 2

The plane journey was interesting. The world’s smallest aircraft. The propellers looked like they weren’t spinning fast enough.

It feels good to be back in Ubud. 198 more words


Living the Bali life Part 2

Today was my first full day with Lea and Helena, I packed my backpack and set off at 8am for my 30 minute walk to work. 281 more words

Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest

After our encounters with the Australian animals at the wildlife park and the Japanese deer in Nara, we could hardly pass up an opportunity to see Balinese monkeys! 289 more words