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Beautiful Bali (2)

The first few days we really didn’t do much apart from hang around Seminyak. A little beach time, mostly afternoons as I had to be near a toilet at all times, interspersed by shopping trips and the odd morsel of food. 239 more words

monkey forest

Honestly, after my monkey experiences in Thailand, and at Pura Lempuyang, I was pretty ok with not seeing any monkeys again for a long time, but then I somehow found myself at the Monkey Forest in the center of Ubud. 317 more words


U is for Ubud

So anyways, after lunch (Bali Asli) while hubby was wandering, I got talking to this girl at the table beside us.

She was one of those long stemmed, blonde and tanned gazelle like creatures that Southern California seem to specialise in- if you can believe the movies. 860 more words


The Tail Of Bob Fosse: A Dancer’s Dark Path From Bali To Broadway


Bob Fosse knew, from a very early age, that he was different. While his friends were happy spending their days playing in the forest, carefully combing each other for fleas and flinging their own excrement around with wild abandon, Bob wanted more. 1,248 more words


We went on a Bali holy-day

Whoop whoop, we went to Bali, Lombok and Gilis and this is what we did:

Our first stop was Ubud in Bali. Since Bali is known for its superb spas a full body massage was the very first thing we did on our very first day to shake off the last bit of work-related tension and to get us into proper holiday mood. 234 more words


Bali Ubud

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